Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center
175 NW 1st Avenue
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CIVIL OPERATIONS DIVISION: [General Jurisdiction, Probate & Guardianship]
Director: Maria Harris
Address: Dade County Courthouse
73 West Flagler Street, Suite 911
Miami, Florida 33130
Contact Number: (305) 349-7172

Mortgage Foreclosure Wheel - Attorneys request in writing that their names be included on this Wheel by contacting the Division Director Maria Harris. Correspondence must include attorney's name, business address and telephone number, and Florida Bar Number. Payment is determined by the assigned section Judge and is paid by the plaintiff.

Minor Settlement Wheel – Attorneys serve as guardian ad litems in minor settlement cases. This is pro bono work, except in extraordinary circumstances. Attorneys must be members of the Florida Bar for a minimum of five (5) years in good standing. Attorneys who are interested in this Wheel should contact the Division Director Maria Harris.

Nursing Home/Medical Malpractice Probate Wheel – Attorneys are chosen to represent/protect the interests of parties involved in nursing home abuse. Medical malpractice cases come from the Probate Division. Payment is made directly to the attorneys/guardians. Attorneys must be members in good standing with the Florida Bar and write a short letter with their signature indicating their case experience and that they are able to complete probate cases to their conclusion. Attorneys interested in this Wheel should contact Mr. Anders Madsen at the L.E.T. Courthouse Center, 175 NW 1st Ave, 24th Floor, Room 2447, Miami, Florida 33128 or call at (305) 349-7376.


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