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Vacant No Judge Assigned
Circuit Civil Division
Section: CA 04
Dade County Courthouse,
73 West Flagler Street Miami FL, 33130
Phone Number: (305) 349-7101
Room Number: DCC 412
Judicial Assistant: Mendez, Roxalyn

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Foreclosure Motion Calendar Information:
Type of Calendar: Open
Notice Before Hearing: 7 Business Days
Files at Hearing: None
Calendar DayCalendar TimeCap
From To
Tuesday9:00 AM50
Thursday9:00 AM50
 Cancellation/Full Dates

Mar 2015


Apr 2015


May 2015

Additional Instructions:
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  • All motions and notices of hearings must be submitted via e-Filing internet Portal and e-Courtesy. 
  • Residential mortgage foreclosure summary judgments will not be heard on the foreclosure calendar.  These motions must be set on the Foreclosure Master Calendar (FMC).  Please call (305) 349-7630 to schedule.
  • All motions to continue trial or strike trial dates, even if agreed, must be set on calendar.
  • Motions to cancel foreclosure sales are handled on the FMC in courtroom 3-3 (Monday-Friday) at 8:30 a.m.  At least 48 hours notice must be provided.
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