Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center
175 NW 1st Avenue
Miami FL 33128
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Vacant No Judge Assigned
County Civil Division
Section: 01
Miami Beach Court Facility,
1130 Washington Avenue Miami Beach FL, 33139
Phone Number: (305) 520-4220
Room Number: MB 202
Judicial Assistant: Mcgee, Susan

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Motion Calendar Information:
Type of Calendar: Closed
Notice Before Hearing: 5 Business Days
Files at Hearing: None
Calendar DayCalendar TimeCap
From To
Monday10:00 AM30
Tuesday10:00 AM30
Additional Instructions:

  • All motions and notices of hearing must be uploaded to eCourtesy no later than five (5) business days before the scheduled hearing.
  • All eCourtesy orders must be in Microsoft Word format.
  • Setting parties must e-mail the J.A. at to obtain available dates for the 5 minute motion calendar.
  • Notices of cancellation shall be faxed to Chambers at (305) 604-7887 prior to the scheduled hearing.
  • All motions to continue trial or strike trial dates, even if agreed, must be set on calendar.  Motions for continuance must indicate whether it is the first request for continuance.  If it is not, the number and date of prior continuance(s) must be included in the motion.
  • To check on the status of a case, please log on to:
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