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175 NW 1st Avenue
Miami FL 33128
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Thomas J. Rebull
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Circuit Civil Division
Section: CA 13
Dade County Courthouse,
73 West Flagler Street Miami FL, 33130
Phone Number: (305) 349-6237
Room Number: DCC 804
Judicial Assistant: Arvizu, Evelyn
Circuit Judge Circuit Civil Division
Fax Number: 305-808-0076

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Motion Calendar Information:
Type of Calendar: Open
Notice Before Hearing: 7 Business Days
Files at Hearing: None
Calendar DayCalendar TimeCap
From To
Wednesday9:00 AM40
Thursday9:00 AM40
 Cancellation/Full Dates

Mar 2015

Additional Instructions:


*Held every Wednesday’s & Thursday’s At 9:00 AM.
*Must give 7 Business Days’ Notice
*NO Joining Motions – Only one motion will Be heard.
*Motion Calendar is for 5 minutes only!
*Open Calendar with a limit of 40 cases – There is
  no need to call to confirm if the procedures were

  followed correctly.
*Parties must coordinate with one another.

*Must submit through eCourtesy a Copy of The Motion
  and Notice. If the Notice and 
Motion are not submitted
  through eCourtesy, T
he motion will not be heard.

*Do not Send Binders, Orders to be signed or any hand
  deliveries of any kind, unless it is 
Directed by the court.
*All copies of the Motion and Notices must be Sent
  through eCourtesy withing 2 Business days prior to the
  hearing date

*Motion to Appear Telephonically:
Must submit the motion a
nd the Order (the Order which
can be found under Judges Forms) t
o be submitted
through eCourtesy under the Proposed Orders 
Section of

Prior to submitting your motion to appear by phone,
  you must e
nsure the motion that is to be heard has
  been set. Once that h
as been done, then you may
  request to appear by phone.
*Once the Order has been granted, send a copy of your
  Order t
o the date of when the motion is to be heard

*The morning of the hearing, please contact chambers
and advise them that you have an signed order to
appear by phone.
*Motions & Responses for
Motion Calendar, no longer
  than 10 Pages
With double Space, 12pt. in Times New
  Roman lettering with 1 inch Margins.

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