Rosa I. Rodriguez
Circuit Civil Division
Section: CA 27
Dade County Courthouse,
73 West Flagler Street Miami FL, 33130
Phone Number: (305) 349-7144
Room Number: DCC 405
Judicial Assistant: Douglas, Jacqueline
Circuit Judge Circuit Civil Division



    Summer Dress Code 

Coats and ties are not required during the months of June through September; EXCEPT for jury trials


Alternate Judges: Jose Rodriguez (15) Room 400 305-349-7109; R. Smith (34) Room 416 305-349-7054; Beatrice Butchko (58BU) Room 303 305-349-7157; Barbara Areces (23) Room 243 305-349-7044
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Motion Calendar Information:
Type of Calendar: Open
Notice Before Hearing: 7 Business Days
Files at Hearing: None
Calendar DayCalendar TimeCap
From To
Monday9:30 AMNone
Monday1:30 PMNone
 Cancellation/Full Dates

Aug 2016


Sep 2016


Oct 2016

Additional Instructions:

 NO HARD COPIES will be accepted. All courtesy copies must be submitted via e-Courtesy

Please clearly identify all documents submitted via e-Courtesy by name and party making the submission.       For example: P's Mtn to Compel.             

Please note:
e-File/e-Portal files documents with the Clerk of Courts.
e-Courtesy files courtesy copies to the judge's chambers.
***e-File/e-Portal DOES NOT take the place of e-Courtesy.***

Cancellation of Hearings-
To cancel a hearing, the scheduling party must file and upload a copy of the Notice of Cancellation through e-Courtesy and notify all parties that the hearing has been cancelled.

Orders for motions which have been scheduled for hearing SHOULD NOT BE SUBMITTED prior to the hearing.

Motions for Rehearing-
A copy of all motions for rehearing must first be provided to the judge, who will determine if a rehearing is warranted.

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