Jose M. Rodriguez
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Circuit Civil Division
Section: CA 15
Dade County Courthouse,
73 West Flagler Street Miami FL, 33130
Phone Number: (305) 349-7109
Room Number: DCC 400
Judicial Assistant: Melians-Diaz, Elizabeth
Circuit Judge Circuit Civil Division

Alternate Judges: R. Smith (34) Room 416 305-349-7054; R.Rodriguez (27) Room 405 305-349-7144; B. Butchko (58BU) Room 303 305-349-7157; B. Areces (23) Room 243 305-349-7044
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Motion Calendar Information:
Type of Calendar: Closed
Notice Before Hearing: 10 Calendar Days
Files at Hearing: None
Calendar DayCalendar TimeCap
From To
Tuesday8:30 AM40
 Cancellation/Full Dates

Jul 2016


Aug 2016


Sep 2016

Additional Instructions:
*    Motion Calendar is on Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m.
*    A copy of the Notice of Hearing AND Motion must be submitted through ecourtesy.  If the Notice and Motion are not submitted through ecourtesy the motion will not be heard.
*    Closed Calendars meaning a cap of 40 cases per motion calendar date.
*    No joining motions - Only 1 motion will be heard.  Motion Calendar is for 5 minutes only.
*    To Cancel a hearing on Motion Calendar, please submit a Notice of Cancellation via fax at 305-349-7256.
*    For telephonic appearances please call this office 3-4 days before the hearing date to leave your name and call in number.
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