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The Juvenile Division hears cases involving delinquency, dependency, truancy, Marchman Act petitions and Children/Families-In-Need-Of-Services (CINS/FINS). Dependency proceedings involve the protection of children who have been abused, neglected and/or abandoned. The Department of Children and Families investigates allegations and is the petitioner on Dependency cases. Delinquency proceedings involve children under the age of 18 alleged to have committed a delinquent act. The State Attorney is the petitioner on Delinquency cases. The Miami-Dade County Children's Courthouse is located at 155 N.W. 3rd Street, Miami, Florida, 33128. For further information please call 305-679-1600.


Juvenile Delinquency

Presides over cases involving minors under the age of 18 who have allegedly committed a criminal offense under the Florida Statutes.The Juvenile Delinquency Division of the court, state agencies, and community partners work closely together with the goal of rehabilitation and/or treatment of the child and family rather than punishment.

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Juvenile Dependency

Protects children and strives to achieve safe permanent homes for those who have suffered abuse, neglect and/or abandonment.

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Juvenile Drug Court

The Juvenile Drug Court program aims to reduce juvenile recidivism rates by providing participants with the necessary recovery tools and community support.

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Dependency Drug Court

The Dependency Drug Court (DDC) addresses the underlying substance abuse problems that may exist with parents involved in dependency court.

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Human Trafficking Court

The mission of the Human Trafficking Court is to serve young victims of human trafficking who entered the court system under a Chapter 39 Dependency Petition and /or a Delinquency Petition filed under Statute 985.

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Programs and Services

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Children in Need of Service

Family Court Services helps parents resolve issues together and also makes referrals to needed community services.

Marchman Petition

Provides the means for an individual to receive voluntary or involuntary treatment for substance abuse.

Paws in the Court

Paws in the Court is the Juvenile Division’s pet therapy program aimed to reduce anxiety and provide comfort for individuals involved in the court process.
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Court Reporting Services

Court reporting provides "word-for-word" record of everything said in criminal, juvenile and domestic violence case proceedings.
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Mediation is a service provided by the courts that allows litigants to solve their disputes without having to go to trial.
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Department of Translation and Interpretation

Court Interpreters interpret and translate verbal and written communications from a non-English to English language in court proceedings.