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Complex Business Litigation

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The Complex Business Litigation Division was created in 2006 to address the overwhelming number of complex business cases filed in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit. The purpose of the division is to promote the orderly and efficient disposition of complex business matters. The Division has a dedicated Judge, support staff, case manager, court clerk and legal staff.

The Complex Business Litigation Rules and Procedures are applicable to all litigants and are used to facilitate the efficient and effective presentation of matters to the Court, particularly requiring that parties meet and confer prior to presenting issues to the Court. The Court’s Administrative Order 17-11 sets forth the applicable general information of matters that qualify to be heard by the Complex Business Litigation Division, those that may be assigned to the Division and those which may not. Parties are required to follow the Division rules on all matters including transfers of cases to and from the Division after the initial filing.

The Complex Business Litigation Rules are accessible through this web page, together with the Administrative Order currently in effect.

The Division Rules are designed to facilitate the proceedings in these cases by promoting easy transmission and access to case information by the court, litigants, counsel and the public and to facilitate the effective presentation of evidence in the courtroom. The division judges provide active and hands-on participation in all matters. The procedures shall be construed and enforced to avoid technical delay, encourage civility, permit just and prompt determination of all proceedings, and promote the efficient administration of justice.

The Division also handles all Assignment for Benefit of Creditor cases.


Presiding judges over Complex Business Litigation cases are:

Hon. Judge Thomas J. Rebull

Section 43

Hon. Lisa S. Walsh

Section 44
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