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In Re: Authority to Serve Process 81-23 COURT ADMINISTRATION NO
In Re: Time Requirement Concerning the Filing of Notices of Hearing in Civil Actions 81-21 COURT ADMINISTRATION NO
In Re: Creation of Guardian Ad Litem Program for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida 81-16 COURT ADMINISTRATION NO
In Re: Recission of Certain Administrative Orders 81-13 COURT ADMINISTRATION NO
In Re: Transportation of Defendants for Commitment Status Hearings 80-7 COURT ADMINISTRATION NO
In Re: Assessment and Collection of Additional Cost and Fine Surcharge Pursuant to Florida Crimes Compensation Act 80-4 COURT ADMINISTRATION NO
In Re: Recission on Certain Administrative Orders 80-33 COURT ADMINISTRATION NO
In Re: Assignment of Cases in the Family Juvenile Department of the Family Division of the Circuit Court 80-26 COURT ADMINISTRATION NO
In Re: Emergency Duty Assignment in the Family Juvenile Department of the Family Division of the Circuit Court 80-25 COURT ADMINISTRATION NO
In Re: Continuation of Family Civil and Family Juvenile Departments within the Family Division of the Circuit Court. Method of Assignment of Circuit Court Judges to Sections within the Family Juvenile Department of the Division. Designation of Type Cases to be Filed and Administrative Control of the Departments within the Division. 80-23 COURT ADMINISTRATION NO