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Court Announcements

Court Announcements

Now Live: courtHELP - An Online Case Resolution Tool for Eviction Cases



(court Housing Eviction Landlord/Tenant Portal)

An Online Case Resolution Platform for Eviction Cases

Now Live


Thanks to a collaboration between the Miami-Dade Courts and Miami-Dade County, landlords and tenants now have the opportunity to resolve their eviction cases online.

The courtHELP platform, recently launched as a pilot program, gives landlords and tenants in eviction cases the opportunity to communicate, exchange information, and enter into mediation right from their smartphone, tablet or computer without ever having to go to court. 

courtHELP is free and voluntary for landlords and tenants to use. Upon receiving their first notice that an eviction case has been filed against them, tenants can register to use courtHELP to immediately start communicating directly with their landlords online via email and SMS messaging.

The parties have the opportunity to enter into an agreement entirely online. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the platform allows the parties to send their case to a court-supplied mediator to assist them in resolving their cases via the platform.

Agreements and other documents created using courtHELP are automatically e-filed with the courts, and the parties can sign electronically as well without ever having to take time off from work to attend a court hearing.

Click here to access courtHELP.


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