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Human Trafficking Court

The 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida has established a Human Trafficking Court through Administrative Order No.15-06 (March 2015) to specialize in helping young male and female victims of Human Trafficking.  Due to the negative connotation, Human Trafficking court is referred to as G.R.A.C.E court. G.R.A.C.E stands for Growth through Renewal, Acceptance, Change, and Empowerment. The mission of the Human Trafficking Court is to serve young victims of human trafficking who entered the court system under a Chapter 39 Dependency Petition and /or a Delinquency Petition filed under Statute 985.  Human trafficking screening tools are conducted by the Department of Children and Families Protective Service Investigators, the Juvenile Justice Services Division for the Department of Juvenile Justice and/or assigned case management agency or missing child specialist. 

This specialized court will refer victims to comprehensive services and provide support on their road to recovery.  It is the hope of this court to assist these victims in a successful transition to independence, and begin to lead a healthy life; physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Referrals are made by Judges, Guardian Ad Litem program, Attorney Ad Litem, Public Defender’s Office, The Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel (RC3), State Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Probation, or any court staff.