Vacant (No Judge Assigned)

  • Division: Circuit Civil
  • Section: CA 59
  • Court Location: Dade County Courthouse
  • Address: 73 West Flagler ST Miami, FL 33130
  • Phone: (305) 349-7096
  • Room: DCC 414
  • Judicial Assistant: No Judicial Assistant Assigned

Judicial Assignment History


Judge Jacqueline Hogan Scola retired on March 6, 2020. Currently, Division 59 is vacant. For emergencies, contact J.A. Tanicha Milord at (305) 349-7096 or, otherwise, please continue to monitor our webpage for updated information on a new judge assignment.

You can find updates on the COVID 19 pandemic via

We hope that everyone remains protected and safe!

Pursuant to Executive Order 20-94 issued by Governor DeSantis on April 2, 2020, foreclosures and evictions are suspended for 45 days. According to this directive, Orders for evictions based upon non-payment of rent and foreclosures will not be signed at this time.
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Guzman, Carlos CA 04 DCC 412305-349-7101
Hanzman, A Michael CA 43, CA 58 DCC 416305-349-7157
Rodriguez, M Jose CA 15, CA 46, CA 42 DCC 405305-349-7109
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Motion Calendar

Type: Open

Notice Before Hearing: 7 Business Days

Files at Hearing: None

Thursday9:30 AMNone1/16/13 

As of May 28, 2019, Motion Calendar hearings must be set through courtMAP.

Please see additional instructions below:

1. To set a hearing on Motion Calendar, select the date from the Court's availability found on courtMAP.

2. When adding the hearing, ensure to upload all supporting documents (motions, etc.) 

3. If the motion exceeds 20 pages, please send in a courtesy hard copy to chambers. (If sending in a courtesy hard copy to chambers, the Notice of Hearing and motion should still be uploaded via courtMAP).

4. Important: Although the parties will receive an email indicating the hearing has been set, a Notice of Hearing will not be automated. The moving party must file a Notice of Hearing via the e-portal system.

5. To cancel a hearing, the moving party must e-file and serve a Notice of Cancellation and cancel the hearing on courtMAP.

For time sensitive matters, if there is no availability for the desired hearing date and time, please contact chambers for accommodation.

This Section is now using courtMAP and document submissions are no longer available via eCourtesy.

courtMAP is a new online Management and Access Platform built upon technology infrastructure from Broward’s Court Management System.

courtMAP combines eCourtesy with online scheduling, online notification/confirmation, and allows judges to create and e-File orders. courtMAP also allows parties to self-schedule their case events - motion calendar, special sets, and trials - and attach the documentation previously submitted via eCourtesy.

Visit courtMAP Now