Thomas J. Rebull

  • Division: Circuit Civil
  • Section: CA 05
  • Court Location: Dade County Courthouse
  • Address: 73 West Flagler ST Miami, FL 33130
  • Phone: (305) 349-7078
  • Room: DCC 1407
  • Judicial Assistant: Arvizu, Evelyn

Circuit Judge: Circuit Civil Division
Associate Administrative Judge: Circuit Civil Division
Bokor, Alexander CA 13 DCC 1401305-349-6237
Ruiz, Mavel CA 11 DCC 310305-349-7131
Santovenia, Maria de Jesus CA 32 DCC 1502305-349-7029
Thornton, W John CA 27 DCC 1500305-349-7144
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Foreclosure Calendar

Type: Open

Notice Before Hearing: 7 Business Days

Files at Hearing: None

Wednesday9:00 AM703/04/15 
  • Foreclosure calendars are held on Wednesdays at 9:00 am.
  • You must provide 7 business days notice.
  • A copy of the Motion and Notice must be submitted through ecourtesy. If the Motion and Notice are not submitted through ecourtesy, the Motion will not be heard.
  • To check to see whether a hearing has made the calendar, please log to the clerk's website:

  • To appear by phone, you must use CourtCall at 1-888-882-6878.