Gordon Murray

  • Division: County Civil
  • Section: 02
  • Court Location: North Dade Justice Center
  • Address: 15555 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33160
  • Phone: (305) 354-8761
  • Room: NDJC 210
  • Judicial Assistant: No Judicial Assistant Assigned

County Judge: County Civil Division

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Motion Calendar

Written Notice to Opposing Counsel/Parties prior to hearing shall be provided immediately after hearing is set by a party, along with a copy of the motion.

  • All eCourtesy Orders must be in Microsoft Word format.
  • Setting parties must contact Chambers at (305)354-8761 to set any (5) minute Motion Calendar Hearings and to confirm Motion Calendar availability, before notifying all parties of interest, in writing, of the date and time, and before confirming their attendance.
  • Bring Courtesy Copies of Motions, Attachments, Responses and all other Documents referenced in the Motion, as well as Legal Authority.
  • Motion Calendar is reserved for (5) minute Motions Only.
  • Agreed Notices of Cancellation shall be faxed to Chambers at (305) 944-5021 prior to the scheduled Hearing and shall explain the reason for the Cancellation.
  • All Motions to Continue Trial or Strike Trial dates or to Continue a Hearing set by the Judge must be set on Calendar. Any agreement between the parties for a continuance must be approved by the Judge.
  • More than 2 Motions per Case is considered as a Special Set Motion. Please follow directions for Special Set Motions.