Mavel Ruiz

  • Division: Circuit Civil
  • Section: CA 11
  • Court Location: Dade County Courthouse
  • Address: 73 West Flagler ST Miami, FL 33130
  • Phone: (305) 349-7131
  • Room: DCC 310
  • Judicial Assistant: Claro, Lizney
  • Bailiff: Sylvain, Louis

Circuit Judge: Circuit Civil Division

***As of January 18th, 2019, Judge Ruiz's chambers has been relocated to room 310***

***Judge Ruiz is in courtroom 14-1 the week of March 18th***

Our fax number is (305) 349-7245

To check to see whether a hearing has made the calendar, please log to the clerk's website:


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Foreclosure Motion Calendar

Type: Open

Notice Before Hearing: 7 Business Days

Files at Hearing: None

Monday9:30 AMNone1/07/19 

The following dates are CLOSED:

March 11, 2019

October 7, 2019

5 Minute Foreclosure Motion Calendar – the Court does not require a 5 minute motion hearing prior to granting a special set hearing. Court strictly adheres to 5 minutes.  If several motions will take less than 5 minutes, Court will hear them so long as noticed. If the order is to be submitted at a later time, provide a letter explaining what occurred at the hearing.

***To set in Foreclosure Motion Calendar: (1) File a Notice of Hearing and Motion to be heard with the Clerk's Office. (2) Provide a filed copy of notice AND Motion thru eCourtesy for the date chosen (3) AT LEAST seven calendar days before the hearing (please make sure the date chosen is not full, cancelled or a Court Holiday). E-filing does not automatically provide copies to e-courtesy.

20 or More Pages – The Court will not print documents larger than 20 pages. If the documents submitted thru eCourtesy are more than 20 pages, please submit hard copy to chambers 7 calendar days prior to the hearing. You MUST do both, eCourtesy and hard copy.

Agreed Orders – must state, in the body of the order, that opposing counsel was consulted and agrees. “Agreed” in title only is insufficient.

eCourtesy – NEVER submit duplicate motions/orders whether via eCourtesy or by other means (motion calendar, fax, etc…). If you do, you must let the Court know and take steps to delete the request from eCourtesy.   Feel free to contact chambers to inquire as to the status of your submission. The Court does not accept the following orders via eCourtesy: Final and Default Judgments, Final Judgments in Garnishment, Motions Setting Foreclosure Sale, Writs of Possession, Motions to Continue Trial (even if agreed), Motions to Withdraw as Counsel, Motions and Orders to Show Cause.

Ex Parte Discovery Motions – Moving party must comply with Administrative Order 06-09 (order available herein).

Garnishment – Please attach a copy of the final judgment, amount owing and a brief procedural history of the case, including dates.

Motions – e-file the motion, then submit same via e-courtesy for the Court’s review.  If more than 20 pages, deliver hard copy to chambers 7 days prior.

Foreclosure Sale Cancellations:
If possible, set on Monday Foreclosure Motion Calendar.  If it is an emergency, e-file the motion then submit it to the judge via eCourtesy under CA11 Emergency Motions.

Motions to Withdraw – Please use Court’s order provided herein. State generally the grounds for the withdrawal. Court sets a hearing 30 days after withdrawal re: Notice of Appearance of New Counsel. If Client proceeds pro se or has not hired new counsel, they must appear. If a Notice of Appearance was e-filed and provided via eCourtesy, neither must appear.

Reading Material for Judge – the Court will NOT read materials sent the night before a hearing but the hearing will proceed. Deliver materials 7 days prior to hearing.

Telephonic Appearances – Motion must state (1) type of hearing and (2) reason for the request, including location attorney is traveling from.  Submit the motion via e-courtesy (under Proposed Orders) at least 7 business days prior, then contact Court Call at 888-882-6878 for arrangements.  Unless out of county or for good cause, the Court expects parties to appear regularly.

Cancellations – please fax a NOTICE OF CANCELLATION to 305-349-7245 at least 24 Hours in advance.