Mavel Ruiz

  • Division: Circuit Civil
  • Section: CA 11
  • Court Location: Dade County Courthouse
  • Address: 73 West Flagler ST Miami, FL 33130
  • Phone: (305) 349-7131
  • Room: DCC 310
  • Judicial Assistant: Claro, Lizney
  • Bailiff: Sylvain, Louis

Circuit Judge: Circuit Civil Division

***Please note that as of January 18th, 2019, Judge Ruiz's chambers has been relocated to room 310***

Judge Ruiz will be in courtroom 14-1 the month of January



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Case Management Conference

Type: Closed

Notice Before Hearing: 7 Calendar Days

Files at Hearing: None

Thursday9:30 AMNone4/25/18 
1. Do not send binders. Motions will not be heard at this setting.
2. The purpose of this conference is for the Court to assess the status of the case.
3. This is an informal hearing in chambers, Room 1403.
4. Substantive issues will only be address as they relate to manners in which the case can be resolved (trial, settlement, etc.…)