Thursday, September 16, 2021

Judicial Section Details

Gina Beovides

  • Division: Circuit Civil
  • Section: CA 13
  • Court Location: Dade County Courthouse
  • Address: 73 West Flagler ST Miami, FL 33130
  • Phone: (305) 349-6237
  • Room: DCC 1407
  • Judicial Assistant: Parent, Frances

Judicial Assignment History

Circuit Judge: Circuit Civil Division


Inquiries may be directed to the Judicial Assistant at fparent@jud11.flcourts.org.



In compliance with Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order 20-23A12 and the 11th Judicial Circuit Administrative Order 21-09, lawyers and litigants are required to follow the procedures outlined below:

A.   For cases filed BEFORE APRIL 30, 2021, you MUST submit CASE MANAGEMENT REPORT AND ORDER via CourtMAP under Proposed Orders.

Click here for the Case Management Report.

Click here for the Case Management Order.

      Word versions of the Case Management Report and Order are also located below under the DOCUMENTS tab.

B.   DO NOT submit a Case Management Report and Order if:
             1. There is already an EXISTING CASE MANAGEMENT ORDER setting forth all pretrial deadlines.
             2. Your case is already set for trial.
             3. Your case is currently on inactive status by court order.
             4. Your case is subject to current moratoria.
             5. Your case is subject to F.S. 51.011
             6. If your case has been Noticed for Lack of Prosecution Hearing (FWOP) unless it is being attached to  your WRITTEN GOOD CAUSE SHOWING.
             7. Your case is uncontested.

C.   If your case meets any of the exceptions listed above, you must still follow the timeline requirements set forth in the 11th Judicial Circuit Administrative Order 21-09.

Click here for the Circuit Civil AO 21-09.

Click here for the Supreme Court of Florida Administrative Order No. AOSC20-23 Amendment 10.


D.   If your case was filed ON OR AFTER APRIL 30, 2021, the Court will issue a Case Management Order with prescribed timelines.

  • Motion Calendar
  • Foreclosure Calendar
  • Special Sets
  • Emergency Motions
  • Proposed Orders
  • Notices for Trial
  • Motions in Limine

Type: Closed

Notice Before Hearing: 7 Business Days

Files at Hearing: None

Tuesday9:30 AMNone3/11/12 

Foreclosure Motion Calendar:

Foreclosure Motion Calendar is every Tuesday at 9:30am remotely via Zoom.

Must give 7 Business Days’ Notice.

Copies of the Notices, Motions and Orders must be submitted through courtMAP.

For originals, please contact the Clerk's Office at (305) 275-1155 and they will give you instructions on how to send them to their office.

The motion will not be heard without the courtMAP copies of the notice and motion.

Please file Notice(s) of Cancellation through e-filing and courtMAP.

Motions to Cancel Foreclosure Sales:

Sale cancellation motions will be heard by Judge Beovides every Tuesday at 9:30am remotely via Zoom.  

All motions and notices of hearings must be e-filed and uploaded to courtMAP at least 2 business days before the scheduled hearing.

There are NO EMERGENCIES.  Please do not wait until the last minute as you have been notified well in advance of the impending sale date.

This Section is now using courtMAP and document submissions are no longer available via eCourtesy.

courtMAP is a new online Management and Access Platform built upon technology infrastructure from Broward’s Court Management System.

courtMAP combines eCourtesy with online scheduling, online notification/confirmation, and allows judges to create and e-File orders. courtMAP also allows parties to self-schedule their case events - motion calendar, special sets, and trials - and attach the documentation previously submitted via eCourtesy.

Visit courtMAP Now
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