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Judicial Section Details

Carlos Lopez

  • Division: Circuit Civil
  • Section: CA 11
  • Court Location: Dade County Courthouse
  • Address: 73 West Flagler ST Miami, FL 33130
  • Phone: (305) 349-7131
  • Room: DCC 414
  • Judicial Assistant: Sampedro Carbajal, Anayansi
  • Bailiff: Bois, Josue

Judicial Assignment History

Circuit Judge: Circuit Civil Division



JA's email is asampedro@jud11.flcourts.org (Copy to all parties required) - DO NOT SEND HEARING MATERIALS OR PROPOSED ORDERS unless you have been given instruction by the court. All materials more than 20 pages as stated in Motion calendar and Special Set procedures must be sent to chambers.


NEW (1) Do NOT submit proposed orders through CourtMAP unless: 1) instructed by the Court pursuant to a hearing or 2) is listed here as not requiring a hearing.

(2) Before submitting an order to the court for approval, preview the order and make sure that the judge’s signature is not alone on a page. You can reduce the font or number of lines to accomplish this. This avoids the need for the judge to reformat every order. If the order is “Agreed” or “Unopposed” submit it under “Agreed Orders,” not “Proposed Orders,” you will receive a quicker response. Thank you.

     1. We are scheduling special sets and motions for motion calendars as usual. Please submit requests via CourtMAP. 
     2. Evidentiary hearings can be scheduled but require preparation. They will be considered on a case by case basis.  
     3. Special sets (on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) will be conducted via Zoom unless instructed by the Court if personal appearance is needed. The day prior to the hearing, you will receive an email via CourtMAP containing a Zoom invitation link. Please upload the documents for the judge’s review 7 days prior to the hearing.  DO NOT EMAIL THE JA THESE DOCUMENTS.  To upload the documents: in Courtmap, go to “Calendar” tab, then “View Events” and click on “Events\Supporting Documents\Add.” Doing this IS NOT the same as uploading the documents to the “Progress Docket” which then appears in "Case Events.”  EACH PARTY SHOULD UPLOAD THEIR PROPOSED ORDER TO “SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS” AFTER THE HEARING FOR THE JUDGE'S RULING. 

***NEW***4. Please deliver hard copies of Motion(s) and supporting documents to chambers for ALL special sets at least seven (7) days before the hearing.

***NEW*** 5. Cancellations - Please email NOTICE OF CANCELLATION to asampedro@jud11.flcourts.org at least 24 Hours in advance. E-Filing will NOT cancel your hearing, you must send Notice to JA for the case to be removed from Calendar.

FWOPS & CMC’S (Case Management Conferences) 
      FWOPS will go forward as usual via Zoom. The judge requires Plaintiff and/or Defendant to appear regardless of filing of Showing Good Cause. CMC's only, if you would like to submit documents for use during the hearing, please submit via CourtMap. DO NOT set a hearing on the Motion Calendar for CMC's, this is set though JA by sending an email about your request. 

     Jury trials are being held in person. Non-jury trials (other than foreclosures) will be decided on a case by case basis.  Therefore, calendar calls for JURY; NON-JURY; NON-FORECLOSURE CASES will go forward via Zoom.  PLEASE NOTIFY THE JA PRIOR TO THE CALENDAR CALL, IF THERE IS A DISPUTE REGARDING WHETHER A TRIAL IS JURY OR NON-JURY.   

Beovides, Gina CA 13 DCC 1407305-349-6237
Johnson, Charles Kenneth CA 06 DCC 1304305-349-7039
Simon, Lourdes CA 08 DCC 1500305-349-7024
  • Motion Calendar
  • Foreclosure Motion Calendar
  • Special Sets
  • Proposed Orders
  • Emergency Motions
  • Notices for Trial
  • Trials
  • Case Management Conference

Type: Open

Notice Before Hearing: 7 Calendar Days

Files at Hearing: None

Monday10:00 AM31/03/22 
Tuesday9:30 AM31/03/22 
Hearing Documents 
Scheduling OrderView
Cert. Trial Readiness RequestView
Order Ex Parte Admin. Order 06-09View
Order Granting Motion to Withdraw as CounselView
Request for Special Set HearingView

All hearings are being held thru Zoom. You will receive the Zoom invite from the Court the day (24 hrs.) before the hearing.

Mondays starting 9:30 Foreclosure Motion Calendar limited to 3 cases per session (as of August 2021)

Mondays starting at 10:00 Civil Motion Calendar limited to 3 cases per session (as of August 2021)

Mondays starting at 1:30 p.m. Civil Motion Calendar limited to 3 cases per session (as of January 2022)

Tuesdays starting 9:30 Civil Motion Calendar limited to 3 cases per session (as of August 2021)

Tuesdays starting at 1:30 p.m. Civil Motion Calendar limited to 3 cases per session (as of January 2022)

5 Minute Motion Calendar – ***DO NOT SET CASE TWICE FOR THE SAME DAY!!!!!!! The second setting will be cancelled by the Court***. Do not set on Motion Calendar a Request Special Set Hearing, follow the Special Set Instructions.  Several motions per hearing allowed ONLY IF combined, they will take less than 5 minutes to be heard. One case per calendar setting will be allowed, if the same case is set on Motion Calendar twice one of the settings will be removed by the Court. NO Motions for Objections will be allowed to be heard on Motion Calendar unless is a maximum of Three Objections, more than that your case will be cancelled and removed from Calendar.

Agreed Orders – Must state, in the body of the order, that opposing counsel was consulted and agrees. “Agreed” in title only is insufficient.

Cancellations  –The setting party has the ability to cancel hearing, froward a Cancellation Notice to JA, asampedro@jud11.flcourts.org.

CourtMAP  – NEVER SUBMIT DUPLICATE ORDERS. Make sure that the judge’s signature is not alone on a page. Send proposed order to opposing counsel prior to submitting it on CourtMAP. 

Default Judgments & Final Default Judgments

NEW (1) Do NOT submit proposed orders for Defaults and Default Final Judgments unless instructed by the Court pursuant to a hearing. Judge Carlos Lopez requires a hearing for all Defaults and Default Final Judgments.

(2) Upload proposed orders to CourtMAP under “Supporting Documents” for reference during hearing, NOT under “Proposed Orders” prior to the hearing. If your motion is granted, then upload as a “Proposed Order” in CourtMAP. See procedure under “SPECIAL SETS & MOTION CALENDARS” to the left here.

Ex Parte Discovery Motions – Moving party must comply with Administrative Order 06-09 (order available herein).

FWOP – Parties are required to appear regardless of filings.  Only final resolutions (dismissals, settlements) will be excused from calendar. Zoom will sent through Courtmap.

Motions to Dismiss – Upload motions and documents for review to “Supporting Documents” in CourtMAP. Provide a copy of the Complaint. See procedure under "SPECIAL SETS & MOTION CALENDARS” to the left here.  Court makes every effort to return materials after in-person hearings.

Motions to Withdraw – Must set down for hearing on Motion Calendar once case is heard you may Upload to CourtMap your proposed order. Withdrawing attorney must send signed copy of the order to former client.

Reading Material for Judge – the Court will NOT print any materials. If you want the court to review your summation, submit via CourtMAP if the material it's less than 20 pages, if it's more than 20 pages a binder MUST be sent seven days prior to the hearing, if reading material is sent as lose pages and not in a binder, chambers will reject the documents.  DO NOT EMAIL THE JA THESE DOCUMENTS. 

Telephonic Appearances – Court no longer requires motions. An email with a Zoom invitation link will be sent the day prior to the hearing.

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