Saturday, October 1, 2022

Judicial Section Details

Ayana Harris

  • Division: County Civil
  • Section: ND 06
  • Court Location: North Dade Justice Center
  • Address: 15555 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33160
  • Phone: (305) 354-2939
  • Room: NDJC 207
  • Judicial Assistant: Hutson, Janai

Judicial Assignment History

County Judge: County Civil Division


PLEASE NOTE:  Judge Harris will continue to conduct virtual hearings (unless requested otherwise) either through a conference call number or the Zoom meeting application.  An email will be sent to the service list (excluding pre-trials) with your meeting information before your hearing.  General information is listed below. Plaintiff’s Attorneys - please forward the hearing information to the opposing party and file notice to the docket.


5-Minute Motion Calendar/15 minute Special Sets:  Conducted via conference call (862-799-9769).  Click the Motion Calendar tab for additional information.

30 min to 60 min Special Sets:  Conducted via Zoom.  The Zoom Meeting ID will be 954 243 9000.  If language interpretation is needed, notify Chambers so a special Zoom ID can be created.  Click the Special Set tab for additional information.

Pre-Trials: BEGINNING FEB. 3rd, PRE-TRIALS WILL BE IN PERSON AT THE NORTH DADE JUSTICE CENTER IN COURTROOM 2-7.  There will be no telephonic or Zoom appearances.  Masks are encouraged.  Pre-trials without proof of service on the docket will be continued pending service and taken off calendar.  

  • REGARDING INSURANCE CASES: Pursuant to AO 21-10, for cases where the defendant is an insurance company, the Rules of Civil Procedure will now apply automatically.  Pre-trials in these cases will be cancelled.  Counsel appearances will be waived.  Any objections should be filed within 10 days of service of the summons.

Domestic Violence Hearings:  Conducted via Zoom. Please click the Domestic Violence tab to the right for additional information.

Claims of Exemption:  Claim of exemption hearings must be conducted via Zoom.  Please contact Chambers to schedule.

FWOPs:  Conducted via Zoom.  Zoom meeting ID is 954 243 9000DO NOT submit Orders of Good Cause via CourtMap.  The court will enter the appropriate order either ahead of or at the time of hearing.  If you receive an order (either Granting Good Cause or Dismissal) before the hearing, your appearance is waived.

Non-Jury Trials:  Please contact Chambers (by email) with both parties to schedule.  Once approved, you will receive a non-jury trial order and Zoom info for the hearing.

Jury Trials:  Will resume in 2022.  Check back later for additional information.

Case Management Order Extensions: For the extension of any case management deadline, consult with opposing counsel regarding the length of extension needed then file a joint motion to extend deadlines and submit a proposed order via CourtMap. This can be done without the need for a hearing unless the motion to extend is opposed. If the motion to extend is opposed, please schedule the motion on the Court’s motion calendar.


Motions and Orders:  The Court does not receive notice when motions are filed.  You must file an Order to CourtMap or set the motion for hearing to ensure notice to the Court.

Mediation:  Mediations occur on Thursday mornings and afternoons.  Contact Chambers to schedule a date/time.  Once scheduled, you will receive Zoom information from the mediation department.

Unilateral Scheduling: Prior to any unilateral scheduling, counsel for the movant shall confer or make reasonable effort to confer with opposing counsel regarding scheduling availability. Opposing counsel shall cooperate and act reasonably and in good faith to provide dates of availability. If opposing counsel wholly fails to respond to a scheduling request within 10 days, counsel for the movant may set the matter unilaterally.

  • Motion Calendar
  • Special Sets
  • Proposed Orders
  • Agreed Orders
  • Emergency Motions
  • Domestic Violence
Judicial Assistant:  Janai Hutson  (JHUTSON@JUD11.FLCOURTS.ORG)

Bailiff:  Cecilio Sanchez (CSANCHEZROMAN@JUD11.FLCOURTS.ORG)

Motion calendar is conducted via conference call.  The conference call number is (862) 799-9769.  No passcode is required.    Once admitted, please mute your phone until your case is called.
Motions are not to exceed five (5) minutes.  Notice of hearing and motion(s) MUST be filed with the Clerk.  
Do not double up on time slots.  Doing so will result in rejection of date selection.  If you need additional time, please schedule on the 15-minute Special Set calendar.

Written notice to opposing counsel/parties shall be provided immediately after hearing is set by a party, along with a copy of the motion, prior to the scheduled hearing date.

Cancellations:  UPDATE:  MOTION CALENDAR CANCELLATIONS CAN NOW BE DONE BY THE PARTIES.  YOU NO LONGER NEED TO CONTACT CHAMBERS TO CANCEL MOTION CALENDAR HEARINGS.  All other cancellations are done internally.  If the parties have decided to cancel a hearing, please have the moving party file a notice of cancellation as well as emailing the notice to jhutson@jud11.flcourts.org and csanchezroman@jud11.flcourts.org (with the e-filed time stamp included, if possible).
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