Rosa C. Figarola

  • Division: Circuit Probate
  • Section: PMH 03
  • Court Location: Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse
  • Address: 175 N.W. 1st AVE Miami, FL 33128
  • Phone: (305) 349-7086
  • Room: CHC 1116
  • Judicial Assistant: Phillips, Sheila

Judicial Assignment History

Circuit Judge: Circuit Probate Division


Coronavirus/COVID-19:   Courthouses are closed for in-person hearings and trials based on public health advisories at the direction of the Florida Supreme Court.  Changes to this directive will be announced when applicable. 

We have transitioned to Virtual Courtrooms to meet the present needs.  Court hearings will take place by video using the Zoom platform or by phone conference.  You will receive an email from the Court with the information  needed to connect.  To participate by video, you must click on the weblink you received in the email invitation at the scheduled time for your hearing.  If you cannot, or do not wish to participate using the Zoom platform, you may call the phone number listed in the invitation to participate by phone.  You may familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform online.  There is no costs to you to download the platform if you choose to do so however you do not need to download anything or set up an account in order to participate in a zoom hearing.

Video appearance is required for any participant whose testimony is necessary so the judge can administer the oath.

Please remember that supporting documents must be uploaded to CourtMAP at least 48  hours prior to the hearing date.  Please do not email your documents to the judicial assistant.  If you resolve your matter, please cancel the hearing in CourtMAP.  If you do not have access to CourtMAP, cancel the hearing by emailing Ms. Shelia Phillips, the judicial assistant at

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Miami, 1979
  • JD, University of Miami, 1982
  • Admitted to Florida Bar, 1983
  • Trial Lawyer, Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office, 1982 - 1988
  • Appellate Lawyer, Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office, 1988 - 2000
  • County Court Judge, 2000 - 2011
  • Circuit Court Judge, 2011 - Present
Muir, H Celeste PMH 04 CHC 1120305-349-7105
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Special Sets
Monday9:30 AM 2/04/19 
Monday2:00 PM 2/04/19 
Tuesday2:00 PM 2/04/19 
Wednesday2:00 PM 2/04/19 
Thursday2:00 PM 2/04/19 
Friday9:30 AM 2/04/19 
Hearing Documents 

-The moving party MUST coordinate the date/time with opposing counsel based on the Court's availability, which is found on courtMap. Please ensure that the Petition/Motion to be heard at the Special Appointment Hearing has been e-filed and appears on the Clerk of Court's docket.   

NOTE: Division 3 is experiencing the scheduling of a number of hearings involving multiple parties where all parties have not been consulted and agreed to a hearing date.   Therefore commencing immediately, attorneys are required to assert whether other parties are involved in their request for a hearing; whether the other party or parties have been consulted regarding scheduling the hearing; whether the other party or parties agree to the hearing date, and an affirmative confirmation from all parties regarding the scheduling of the hearing.  Any issue regarding the failure of parties to cooperate may be addressed by filing a pleading and requesting a status hearing.  If the parties cannot agree on the setting of a status hearing, the court will unilaterally set the status hearing. 

-Specially set hearings are NOT scheduled until they are approved by the Court.  If the submission is rejected, the moving party will receive a rejection notice which will detail the reason for the rejection (this rejection will also appear in the submitter's workbench/rejected folder). Once the Court has approved the submission, the parties will receive an email from courtMAP indicating same.  A notice of hearing will be e-filed and served upon the parties via courtMap.  
-Submit Petitions/Motions, case law and Proposed Orders for review within 48 hours of setting hearing.  When submitting your proposed order, the title of the order must be typed in the title box provided by courtMAP,
-ADD-ON Petitions/Motions to special set hearings are not permitted without leave of Court.
If you are submitting a proposed order after a hearing, you must submit a cover letter that includes the hearing details and the Court's oral ruling. 

-If you are attempting to schedule a hearing for more than 30 minutes, you must fill out the Special Set form (located in the “Documents” section), with two possible dates that all parities are available and email request to chambers at for approval.  Once approved, the JA will manually enter your approved hearing.

SUBMITTING RESPONSIVE PLEADINGS: Parties wishing to submit a response to a matter set on the Special Appointment Calendar must e-file said Response with the Clerk of Court’s and submit the Response via CourtMAP under "Special Appointment" case number and hearing date, 10 days prior to the hearing date.

TO APPEAR TELEPHONICALLY: A Motion for Telephonic Appearance must be e-filed then submitted for the Court's approval via the proposed orders option on courtMap.  All Motions for Telephonic Appearance must indicate the reason why a telephonic hearing is needed and submitted 5 days prior to hearing date.

TO CONFIRM A SPECIAL SET HEARING: Moving parties may check the workbench/approved folder via courtMAP.  All parties may confirm hearings by inputting the case number under calendar, select events by case number, and clicking on the magnifying glass.  A list of all upcoming hearings on the case searched will appear.  Hearings that appear in green or "ready" are confirmed.  Hearings that appear in gray or "cancelled" are not set.   

SPECIAL SET HEARING CANCELLATIONS: If you need to cancel a special set hearing, Movant cancelling a hearing must e-file a Notice of Cancellation, cancel the hearing on courtMAP and email chambers at to inform the court of cancellation.

Below is the link to all the training videos for courtMAP:


This Section is now using courtMAP and document submissions are no longer available via eCourtesy.

courtMAP is a new online Management and Access Platform built upon technology infrastructure from Broward’s Court Management System.

courtMAP combines eCourtesy with online scheduling, online notification/confirmation, and allows judges to create and e-File orders. courtMAP also allows parties to self-schedule their case events - motion calendar, special sets, and trials - and attach the documentation previously submitted via eCourtesy.

Visit courtMAP Now