Jose M. Rodriguez

  • Division: Circuit Civil
  • Section: CA 15
  • Court Location: Dade County Courthouse
  • Address: 73 West Flagler ST Miami, FL 33130
  • Phone: (305) 349-7109
  • Room: DCC 405
  • Judicial Assistant: Melians-Diaz, Elizabeth

Circuit Judge: Circuit Civil Division
Admin Judge, Intl Comm. Arbitration: Circuit Civil Division

As of April 15th, you will no longer be able to submit documents through eCourtesy.  You must use CourtMAP.  The courtMAP webpage is located at:

Guzman, Carlos CA 04 DCC 412305-349-7101
Hanzman, A Michael CA 22 DCC 416305-349-7082
Hogan Scola, Jacqueline CA 59 DCC 414305-349-7096
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Special Sets 30 Minutes

Type: Closed

Notice Before Hearing: 10 Calendar Days

Files at Hearing: None

Friday9:00 AM153/01/13 


 Matters of thirty (30) minutes or less will be heard every Friday commencing at 9:00 am on a first come, first heard. You may sign in as early as 8:45 am. You need not have a “team” to sign in. If opposing counsel does not appear by 9:15 am the Court may proceed to hear the matter ex-parte. You must give opposing counsel at least ten (10) days written notice. A response to the Motion shall be filed and sent to the Court by CourtMAP under the Special Sets 30 Minutes dates and opposing counsel at least five (5) days prior to hearing. (A response is required) Motions for summary judgment require at least twenty (20) days written notice. You must make a good faith effort to resolve the matter prior to filing the motion, and file a written certificate with the motion.

 Please do not set Evidentiary Hearings on this calendar.

  • A copy of the motion, notice of hearing (indicating amount of time requested and any memo MUST be sent to the Judge by CourtMAP under supporting documents at the same time it is e-filed to the Court and sent to opposing counsel or the hearing will be rejected and the matter will not be heard. You do not need to submit the Special Set Request Form.
  • To cancel a hearing please file a Notice of Cancellation with the Clerk of Court and to all parties then fax to chambers the Notice of Cancellation to 305-349-7256
  •      Please do not send binders.  We do not take hard copies.  Everything must be submitted through CourtMAP.


      For telephonic appearances:  A  Motion to Appear Telephonically must be filed and set down for hearing on the motion calendar through e-filing and CourtMap.   The hearing on the Motion to Appear Telephonically, may be heard telephonically.   Please call chambers to leave your call in number, 3 days prior to the hearing for telephonic appearance.   The Motion must indicate the reason why a telephonic hearing is needed.  Telephone hearings are done at the end of the calendar.  Once you receive a signed Order allowing you to appear by phone, please fax to chambers (305-349-7256) the signed Order indicating the name and telephone number of the attorney that will be appearing telephonically.

    This Section is now using courtMAP and document submissions are no longer available via eCourtesy.

    courtMAP is a new online Management and Access Platform built upon technology infrastructure from Broward’s Court Management System.

    courtMAP combines eCourtesy with online scheduling, online notification/confirmation, and allows judges to create and e-File orders. courtMAP also allows parties to self-schedule their case events - motion calendar, special sets, and trials - and attach the documentation previously submitted via eCourtesy.

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