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News @ 11

News @ 11

The Honorable Jennifer D. Bailey Appointed to NCSC Board of Directors

The Honorable Jennifer D. Bailey, Administrative Judge of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit's Civil Division, has been selected to join the 24-member Board of Directors of the National Center for State Courts (NCSC), a national and global leader in helping courts improve the administration of justice.

In addition, Judge Bailey has been working with the NCSC and the Conference of Chief Justices for the past three years on the Civil Justice Initiative - a project developing innovations and best practices aimed at reducing cost and delay in civil justice while preserving fairness, access to courts and due process. 

Judge Bailey is spearheading the Civil Justice Initiative Pilot Project at the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in Miami, the first of three national demonstration projects that have arisen from the recommendations of this initiative.

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