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The eCourtesy Submission Service is an online application which delivers courtesy copies of documents to judges and case managers for review instead of hand-delivery or delivery by U.S. mail. Submitting documents through eCourtesy does not take the place of electronically or physically filing documents with the Clerk of Courts.

Effective January 3, 2017, Section 01 (Judge Jerald Bagley) has the following new eCourtesy procedures:

  • All Proposed orders must be submitted to eCourtesy in Word format;
  • When applicable, attorneys must submit the court-approved Smart Form orders in Word format. Please go to Probate Smart Forms;
  • The petition must be submitted to eCourtesy; and
  • Attorneys must select the eCourtesy Type when submitting their petitions and proposed orders.
eCourtesy Type What to submit
Ex Parte Calendar Ex Parte petitions and proposed orders for petitions set for Ex Parte Calendar
Special Sets Petitions and proposed orders for petitions set for a special set hearing
Ex Parte No Hearing Ex Parte petitions and proposed orders for petitions that are not set for hearing
Ex Parte No CM Review* Ex Parte petitions and proposed orders that are not set for Ex Parte Calendar and that are included on the Case Manager Review Not Required List (see below)
Emergency Petitions Petitions and proposed orders that attorneys consider to be emergencies
Agreed Orders Petitions and agreed proposed orders in adversary proceedings and contested matters
Notices for Trial Notices for Trial

eCourtesy Procedures for Section 03 (Judge Maria Korvick), Section 04 (Judge Celeste Muir) and Section 05 (Judge Maria Espinosa Dennis):

Submit ex parte proposed orders in PDF format, using the court-approved Smart Forms when applicable, to eCourtesy. For a list of the Probate Smart Forms, please go to Probate Smart Forms.

Petitions in Which No Case Manager Review Is Required (Select Ex Parte No CM Review eCourtesy Type)

  • Petition for extensions of time
  • Order on previously heard hearings
  • Petition to waive annual accounting pursuant to statute (social security only benefit)
  • Petition to pay real estate taxes or income taxes
  • Petition to pay accountant fees under $3,500.00
  • Petition to pay insurance
  • Petition for instructions that can be handled in less than five minutes
  • Petition to appear for hearing via telephone
  • Petition for pro bono fees
  • Petition to extend time to file independent action
  • Petition for pre-paid funeral
  • Petition for pre-paid college
  • Petition to retain appraiser
  • Petition to pay school tuition for a minor
  • Petition for order designating depository (If Letters of Administration and Order Appointing Personal Representative have been entered)
  • Petition to authorize travel for a ward
  • Petition to pay medical bills, dental bills or assisted living facility/nursing home bills
  • Petition to freeze non-joint assets (when filed as an emergency)
  • Petition to pay condominium maintenance fees
  • Petition to pay mortgage

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eCourtesy Submission Service

eCourtesy Technical Assistance

For eCourtesy technical assistance with Probate cases, please contact our Probate eCourtesy support staff.

The support contact information below is for Probate cases only.

You will be contacted by our eCourtesy Submission Service support staff within 36 hours.

Probate Approved Form Orders ("Smart Forms")

Approved Estate and Guardianship form orders (“Smart Forms”) are posted on the link below. Attorneys must use these Smart Forms when applicable. See Administrative Memorandum dated July 11, 2016.

Probate Approved Smart Forms

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