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Justice Teaching Institute
In 1998, the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida collaborated with Miami-Dade's Public School System to develop curricula designed to shape the way we teach our youth about the American legal system. The Court's Justice Teaching Institute (JTI) was designed to perpetuate this ongoing partnership by preparing teachers in the instruction of law-related education in their schools. Drawing upon the resources and expertise of judges and lawyers at the local and state levels, the day-long program features workshops, panel discussions, case studies and role-playing to address the following topics: technology and the Internet; society and the law; mediation; trial practice/mock trials; the use of the Court as a community resource; and ethics, public trust and confidence in the justice system. The Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida's Justice Teaching Institute, originally patterned after the Statewide Justice Teaching Institute which is sponsored by the Supreme Court of Florida, is believed to be the first of its kind in the country to be developed at the local level. Its main objectives include:
  • Reaching a greater number of students by using a "pyramid-approach" which helps significantly impact the youth of our community, and

  • Empowering our youth with the values of responsibility, civility, communication and respect as members of the community.
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