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The Circuit Civil Division hears foreclosures and cases with damages in excess of $15,000 filed by an individual, business or government agency.
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The Circuit Criminal Division hears major criminal (felony) cases where the resulting penalty can be imprisonment in a state penitentiary or death.
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The Family Division hears divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, paternity, name change, and some domestic violence injunction cases.
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The Juvenile Division hears cases involving child abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency, truancy, and special services.
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The Appellate Division hears appeals from the county court and from various quasi-judicial boards and administrative agencies.
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Probate and Guardianship

The Probate Division hears cases related to the processing of wills and the settling of estates, as well as guardianship and mental health cases.
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Unified Family Court

The UFC Division hears cases where one judge presides over multiple open cases involving the same children and family members within the Domestic Violence, Family, and Juvenile Divisions.
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Traffic Court

Traffic Court hears civil traffic infractions. Accidents with injuries and criminal traffic charges are heard in the County Criminal Division.
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Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Division hears domestic violence-related misdemeanors, injunction violations, and injunction for protection cases.