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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Please review your court notices carefully as some hearings are being held virtually via Zoom and others are taking place in person at the courthouse.

For additional information please refer to the Virtual Court Resources page here.

If you have any questions or need additional information you can also contact the DV case management unit at (305)349-5556.

The Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida created a specialized Domestic Violence Division, comprised of seven judges and support services to deal exclusively with family violence issues and effectively addressing this type of crime through the justice system. The Domestic Violence Division hears protection (restraining) order cases, violation of injunction cases, criminal misdemeanor cases involving family violence and risk protection order cases. The court mandates accountability, punishment and meaningful treatment. Case managers assist the judges with preparation of injunction orders, time-sharing schedules and child support when the parties have minor children in common, specialized court orders and case management. The Division Judges and support personnel are located at the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center, however some injunction cases are filed at three Branch Court locations. Seven judges in the Branch Court locations hear these cases in addition to their assignments in other divisions.

Domestic Violence Civil Court (Injunction for Protection / Restraining Orders)

The Domestic Violence Division Judges hear civil injunction for protection order (restraining order) cases.

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Domestic Violence Criminal Court (Misdemeanor)

The goal of the Domestic Violence Court is to prioritize misdemeanor domestic violence and injunction violation cases based on the prevalent risks factors involved.

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Domestic Violence Drug Court

The Domestic Violence Division has one of the few problem-solving courts in the country dedicated to the monitoring of domestic violence and substance abuse batterers through a specialized review calendar known as Domestic Violence Drug Court (DV Drug Court).

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Domestic Violence Mental Health Court

The Domestic Violence Division’s Mental Health Court (DV Mental Health Court), scheduled every Thursday morning, was developed to dedicate additional judicial time and resources to domestic violence defendants with mental health issues.

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Risk Protection Orders

Risk Protection Order cases provide procedures whereby a law enforcement officer or a law enforcement agency can obtain a court order temporarily restricting a person’s access to firearms for up to one year in situations where the person poses a significant danger of harming himself/herself or others by possessing a firearm.

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Programs and Services

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Domestic Violence Civil Intake Unit

Operated through the joint efforts of the Clerk of Courts (COC) and the Department of Human Services (DHS) Advocacy unit, the Intake Unit is comprised of intake counselors and support staff dedicated to providing efficient and responsive services to the court and the community.
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Domestic Violence Civil Case Management Unit

The Domestic Violence Case Management Unit provides immediate assistance, referrals, case assessment, support, and coordination. The unit serves as a liaison between the judiciary, related agencies, and the public.

Court Care

Court Care provides a safe and supervised drop-in childcare facility for children who must be in court in connection with matters involving the children or their parents or guardian.
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Department of Translation and Interpretation

Court Interpreters interpret and translate verbal and written communications from a non-English to English language in court proceedings.
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