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Court Appointed Counsel

Criminal Division Screening Committee Openings

Registry Requirements for all Court Appointed Counsel

14-12 Re-Establishment of Procedure for appointment of Counsel in Criminal and Civil Proceedings (see attached)

The Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida is committed to involving local attorneys in court activities. We welcome the participation of qualified and diverse attorneys interested in partnering with the judiciary. One way to encourage this partnership is through the use of court-appointed counsel registries, rotation lists, or wheels on which attorneys are listed and from which they receive Court appointments.

Below are links that contain registry and wheel application requirements and contact information. To be included on a court-appointed counsel registry, an attorney must enter into a contract for services with the Justice Administrative Commission (JAC). A link to the JAC Policies and Procedures with important information is provided below.

JAC Policies and Procedures

JAC Policies and Procedures
Administrative Order 04-39
(Indigent for Due Process Costs)

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