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Probate Division

The Probate Division has jurisdiction over a broad category of cases including mental health, guardianship, estates and trusts. Five circuit judges and one general magistrate are assigned to hear cases in the Circuit Probate Division. The judges and support personnel of this division are located at the Lawson E. Thomas, Courthouse Center, directly north of the Dade County Courthouse.

Programs and Services

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Search for a Probate Case

Search for a Circuit Civil Case by visiting the Miami-Dade County Civil, Family and Probate Courts Online System.

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eFiling Services

The ePortal is utilized to submit documents to Clerks and also provides electronic notifications and eService on behalf of others.

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Mental Health/Substance Abuse

The Probate Division hears cases for the involuntary evaluation and treatment of mentally ill persons and those with a substance abuse problem.


Guardianship is a legal proceeding in which a guardian exercises the legal rights of an incapacitated person who lacks the ability to care for himself.
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Probate of an Estate

Probate of an estate is a legal process through which the assets of a deceased person are inventoried, distributed to pay creditors' claims against the estate, and, if there are remaining assets, distributed to the heirs or beneficiaries.
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Department of Translation and Interpretation

Court Interpreters interpret and translate verbal and written communications from a non-English to English language in court proceedings.
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Probate Attorneys' Corner

Find relevant information on filing fees, FAQ's and Clerk's Docket to assist attorneys in expediting the Probate court process.
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