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Child Support Enforcement Division

Frequently Asked Questions

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Every child has the right to the support of both parents until the age of 18. That is the law in Florida. When a parent or guardian has custody of a child and the other parent does not provide financial support, the Child Support Enforcement Division of Miami-Dade County's State Attorney's Office can help. If you are the custodial parent (the child lives with you), you are not alone in your efforts to get money or medical benefits for your child.

Contact Information
Child Support Enforcement Division
601 NW 1ST COURT,  12th FLOOR 
(305) 530-2600
The hours of operation are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

If you are filing a matter on behalf of a payor for a client in Division/Section 46, you must file a Request for Hearing with a copy of the Motion and submit a courtesy copy to the General Magistrate’s office listed at the above address. For additional information, please contact a Judicial Assistant within the General Magistrate’s office at (786) 469-3960.

General Magistrates Alejandro Gamboa and Thomas A. Tilson will be retiring on February 28, 2013. General Magistrates Karl S. H. Brown and Robert S. Singer will be moving to Family Division from Child Support Enforcement. On all orders of referrals from this point forward, please reflect the change to the division.

Division 10 (formerly GM Tilson) will now be GM KARL S. H. BROWN

Division 09 (formerly GM Gamboa) will now be GM ROBERT S. SINGER

Also, since Orders of Referrals to General Magistrates and Hearing Officers are name specific you may receive amended referrals reflecting the new General Magistrate’s name that will need to be signed by your Judge and processed through.

*** Please note that the Child Support Enforcement Division has relocated its operations to another building. ****

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