Thursday, August 18, 2022

Domestic Violence Case Management Unit

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Domestic Violence Case Management Unit

The Domestic Violence Case Management Unit provides immediate assistance, referrals, case assessment, support, and coordination. The unit serves as a liaison between the judiciary, related agencies, and the public. The Case Management Unit is staffed with attorneys who act as case managers, having an essential understanding of the legal system. In this capacity, their role is to disseminate factual and procedural information to parties, not legal advice. Their primary function is to assist the court in Permanent Injunction hearings by acting as a liaison between the clerk, the court, and the litigants. They structure visitation schedules, calculate child support, draft specialized court orders, and make social service referrals to community agencies.

The Case Management Unit performs an essential *customer service* function for the court system by providing access to the largely pro se litigant population. All correspondence and motions in injunction cases are reviewed and coordinated with the judicial assistants for calendaring. Cross-referencing of case information between the Domestic Violence, Family, Juvenile, and Unified Family Court Divisions is performed in order to handle cases with a holistic approach and avoid conflicting court orders. Cases are monitored for compliance with the terms and conditions of the injunction, including referrals to treatment or counseling programs and compliance with orders to surrender firearms.

If you wish to contact a DV case manager, please call the DV Case Management Unit at 305-349-5556, or send a Fax to (305)349-5559.

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