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Domestic Violence Drug Court

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The Domestic Violence Division has one of the few problem-solving courts in the country dedicated to the monitoring of domestic violence and substance abuse batterers through a specialized review calendar known as Domestic Violence Drug Court (DV Drug Court). Through the collaboration of multiple agencies such as the State Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, the Advocate Program, the Clerk of Court and the Administrative Office of the Courts, DV Drug Court closely monitors the compliance of batterers who are court ordered to complete substance abuse treatment as a condition of their probation or pretrial diversion program in their misdemeanor domestic violence case, or as part of a civil injunction (restraining) order. DV Drug Court participants are also subject to comply with other elements of the program as prescribed by licensed clinicians such as random testing, alcohol or narcotics anonymous meetings, and inpatient rehabilitation programs, where noncompliance is addressed in an expeditious manner. The goal of DV Drug Court is to successfully monitor, track and provide rehabilitative community-based resources to batterers in order to lower recidivism rates.

Location: L.E.T. Courthouse Center, 175 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, FL. 33128
Courtroom: 2C (second floor)
Presiding Judge: Judge Donald ‘DJ’ Cannava
Schedule: Fridays – misdemeanor cases at 9:30 AM; civil injunction cases at 10:00 AM

For additional information regarding Domestic Violence Mental Health Court, please contact the chambers of Judge Donald ‘DJ’ Cannava at (305)349-5756 or the Domestic Violence Division at (305)349-5550.
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