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Domestic Violence Intake Unit

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Domestic Violence Intake Unit

Operated through the joint efforts of the Clerk of Courts (COC) and the Department of Human Services (DHS) Advocacy unit, the Intake Unit is comprised of intake counselors and support staff dedicated to providing efficient and responsive services to the court and the community. The Intake Unit provides assistance with the completion of all required documents necessary to obtain an injunction for protection against domestic, repeat, dating and sexual violence, and makes referrals to support services in the community. The Department of Human Services Advocacy Unit is also responsible for Miami-Dade County's Domestic Violence Hotline. Hotline services are available twenty-four hours daily.


1. Filing:
  • A counselor will assist you in completing a Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Domestic, Repeat, Dating or Sexual Violence and all other necessary paperwork to file for an injunction.
  • You will be asked to review the typed petition, swear to the truth of the allegations stated in it, and then sign.
  • The petition will then be given to a judge for review. Based on the law in Florida, the judge will either GRANT or DENY your petition today. The Clerk's Office will inform you of the judge's decision.

2. The Temporary Injunction:
  • You will receive two (2) certified copies of your Temporary Injunction.
  • A sheriff will attempt to personally deliver (serve) a package of the pertinent court documents to the Respondent.
  • The Respondent must be personally served by a sheriff in order for the injunction to be in effect.
  • You may check for service of the injunction at the Civil Process Bureau website at: www.miamidade.gov/mdpd/cs_writs.asp. If you need additional assistance the Civil Process Bureau can be contacted at (305)375-5100. They are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

3. The Hearing:
  • A hearing will take place within fifteen (15) days from the day you file.
  • At this hearing, the judge may: (1) dismiss the Temporary Injunction; (2) extend the Temporary Injunction for a period of another fifteen (15) days; or (3) issue a Permanent Injunction which is effective until it is changed or ended by the judge.
  • You may request a hearing where you and the Respondent will appear before a judge.
  • At this hearing, the judge will take testimony and review any physical evidence to decide whether a final judgment of injunction will be granted. A final judgment of injunction can be granted for any length of time, or can be permanent.
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