Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Florida Courts eFiling Portal

The Florida Courts E-Filing Portal is a statewide website mandated by the Florida Legislature and the E-Filing Authority that provides E-Filing capability to users with a single login.

Once the SRL clicks on the E-Filing icon, they will be linked to the new E-Filing webpage that will provide them with basic information on using the E-Filing Portal.

Please note, the 11th Judicial Circuit Local Rule for the Family Division established the Family Self-Help Program to facilitate access to family courts and assist SRLs achieve fair and efficient resolution of their case.  Accordingly, SRLs filing Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity, Post Judgment Modification, Temporary Custody and Name Change Petitions must have their documents reviewed as to form by a Self-Help Program Paralegal who will stamp the documents to indicate sufficiency before the SRL may file through the E-Filing Portal. This requirement may be waived by the Administrative or Associate Administrative Judge in the Family Division for good cause shown. 

Once court documents are ready for submission, SRLs will need to register with the E-Filing Portal and create a portal account.  You will register as a ‘Self-Represented Litigant’ when filing your documents.  Please see the below tutorial videos for additional information on using the E-Filing portal as an SRL.

Florida e-Filing Portal Tutorial Videos for Self-Represented Litigants



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