Sunday, January 29, 2023

Foreclosure Administrative Orders and Memorandums

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Administrative Orders are mandated by the Chief Judge.

  1. AO 14-10 - Establishing Procedures for Filing and Retrieving Original Notes
  2. AO 12-01 - Termination of Mandatory Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program
  3. AO 11-07 - Dissolution of Section 50
  4. AO 09-09 - Adoption of foreclosure forms and establishment of procedures.
  5. AO 09-18 - Authorization for the Clerk of the Courts to conduct on-line auctions of real property.

Administrative Memorandums are ordered by the Administrative Judge of the Division. 

  1. AM CIV 18-A - Termination of Foreclosure Cancellation Calendar
  2. AM CIV 15-A - Establishment of Case Management Plan for Foreclosure Cases
  3. AM CIV 13-C - 2013-2014 Case Management Plan and Use of Case Managers
  4. AM CIV 13-A - Required Submission of Service List in Foreclosure Cases
  5. AM 12-G - Establishment of eScheduling for the Foreclosure Master Calendar
  6. AM 12-F - E-mail Service in Circuit Civil Division Only
  7. AM 12-E - Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Cases
  8. AM 12-D -Required Submission of Service List in Foreclosure Cases
  9. AM 11-B - Final Summary Judgment of Foreclosure Form and Docketing Code Usage
  10. AM 11-A - Reassignment of Former Section 50 Cases and Reopening Requirements.
  11. AM 10-E - Establishment of requirements for residential mortgage foreclosure cases.
  12. AM 10-B - Guidelines for cancellation of scheduled foreclosure sales and motions to cancel sale, vacate final judgment and dismiss residential mortgage foreclosure cases.
  13. AM 10-A - Establishment of the foreclosure master calendar for the management of residential mortgage foreclosure cases.
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