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Frequently Asked Questions for Civil Traffic Hearings

QWhat is a Pre-Trial Hearing? 
A Pre-Trial is a preliminary hearing where the defendant has an opportunity to enter a plea of guilty, no contest or not guilty, without the police officer being present. 
QHow does a citation get set in court for a Pre-Trial?
When a citation is issued, you have the right to request a court hearing. Once you request a hearing, the case is automatically set for a pre-trial hearing. 
QAre all pre-trial hearings set in front of Hearing Officers?
No. If you would prefer your case be heard in front of a Judge, you must make a special request through the Clerk of the Courts to have your case set before a Judge. There is no advantage or disadvantage to this request as the procedures are the same. 
QWhat if you enter a not guilty plea at a pre-trial?

If you want to plead not-guilty at pre-trial, a trial will be set in about 6 weeks where you can present any evidence you wish. The Hearing Officer will then make a ruling. If you are found guilty you may be assessed a fine and penalties. If you are found not guilty, your case will be closed.