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Judicial Section Details

Steven Lieberman

  • Division: Circuit Unified Children’s Court Magistrates
  • Section: UFGM 14
  • Court Location: MDC Children's Courthouse
  • Address: 155 N.W. 3rd ST Miami, FL 33128
  • Phone: (305) 679-1774
  • Room: MDCC 14343
  • Judicial Assistant: Gottlieb, Brittany



Meeting ID: 957 1636 4812, NO PASSCODE

Most hearings before a General Magistrate in the Unified Family Division are non-jury trials or evidentiary hearings.  In accordance with the most recent Administrative Order and Unified Children’s Court Operation Procedures, hearings scheduled before General Magistrate STEVEN LIEBERMAN will be conducted by the preferable method of the parties, in-person or remote (Zoom). The Miami-Dade Children’s Courthouse has the capability to conduct hearings in a hybrid format, In-Person and Zoom. The format in which hearings will be conducted MUST be agreed upon by the parties.

Assistant to General Magistrate Email Address: bgottlieb@jud11.flcourts.org
E-Service Address: 11thfcgm14@jud11.flcourts.org
Miami-Dade Children’s Courthouse
155 N.W. 3rd Street, Courtroom #11-2
Miami, FL 33128

Please utilize CourtMAP to see dates and times for scheduling a hearing. General Magistrate Lieberman’s section is UFGM14. If both parties are represented by attorneys, you must agree to the date and time of hearing prior to scheduling.
Hearings shall be set within thirty (30) days from the date of the order of referral, otherwise the hearing will be set by the General Magistrate’s office at the earliest available date.

If the General Magistrate has instructed you to prepare the proposed Reports and Recommendations of General Magistrate, or Recommended Order of Hearing Officer, on their ruling, the proposed report must be submitted to the General Magistrate’s office via courtMAP no later than fourteen (14) days after the date of the hearing.

Prior to submitting your proposed report, please contact the other attorney/party to agree to the form and content of the report.  If there is a disagreement regarding the proposed form, please contact the General Magistrate’s office to submit your proposed report within the fourteen (14) day period.

Any request for a continuance of a hearing before a General Magistrate must be heard by the General Magistrate.  A notice of cancelation of hearing is insufficient and will not cancel a hearing.  If a case or referral is settled or withdrawn, please contact the General Magistrate’s office

All hearings before a General Magistrate are recorded electronically.  The recordings are stored by a court reporter vendor, Absolute Digital Inc.  Please contact Absolute Digital (305-379-4741 or https://absolutedigitalinc.com) to arrange obtaining a transcript.  The cost of the transcript will be your responsibility.

Interpreters are not provided by the court for hearings.  If you need an interpreter or your witness requires the use of an interpreter, you must arrange to have a certified interpreter present to the hearing.

If you are going to be presenting exhibits at the zoom or telephonic hearing, you must contact the opposing attorney or party and agree to the exhibits that will be admitted. The exhibits should be marked 1, 2, 3 etc. for those associated to the petitioner and A, B, C etc. for those associated to the respondent.

An exhibit list must be prepared and submitted in advance (7 working days) of the hearing date. In addition, you must provide a copy of the exhibit list to the opposing party or their attorney (if they are represented by counsel). If you fail to provide a copy of the exhibit list and /or to file a copy of the exhibit list seven (7) days prior to the hearing, you may not be able to get the exhibits admitted on the day of the hearing.  If there is a dispute as to the admissibility of the proposed exhibits, contact General Magistrate Lieberman office at 305-679-1774 to arrange a Zoom or telephonic hearing prior to the scheduled hearing to resolve the exhibit dispute.

Please make sure that you register your email address and mailing address with the Clerk of the Court to receive notices of hearing and orders.  You may obtain a copy of the Clerk’s form at: Notice of Current Mailing and E-Mail Address.

Children may not be brought to the courthouse or to the hearing without first obtaining a court order.

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