Friday, September 24, 2021

Judicial Section Details

Yadira Pedraza

  • Division: Circuit Family Matters (General Magistrates)
  • Section: 02
  • Court Location: Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse
  • Address: 175 N.W. 1st AVE Miami, FL 33128
  • Phone: (305) 349-5686
  • Room: CHC 1645
  • Judicial Assistant: Pfriem, Erica

Judicial Assignment History

General Magistrate: Circuit Family Matters (General Magistrates)


The Courthouse is now OPEN and NORMAL operations have resumed.  It is presumed that hearings before General Magistrate Pedraza will occur in person.  However, you may request a hearing to be conducted remotely via ZOOM.  Reserve the hearing time via CourtMap on the appropriate calendar (marked as ZOOM hearings) and send an email to 11thFCGM02@jud11.flcourts.org with the reason why you are requesting  a ZOOM hearing. After review, you shall receive confirmation or denial from the General Magistrate’s office.  Both parties MUST agree to proceed via ZOOM.  
If your hearing was previously scheduled via ZOOM, it shall proceed via ZOOM.  Confirmation of the type of hearing is on your Notice of Hearing. 

Submit Proposed Report and Recommendations of General Magistrate or Proposed Recommend Order of Hearing Officer via COURTMAP.  Only submit proposed reports after both parties have agreed to the form and content of the report. 

Please utilize COURTMAP for the scheduling of special set hearings.  If there are two attorneys, you must agree to the date and time prior to scheduling.  Be aware that two calendars exist – IN PERSON AND ZOOM REMOTE HEARINGS. 

All recordings are held by Absolute Digital.  Please contact Absolute Digital (305-379-4741 or  absolutedigitalinc.com) to make arrangements to obtain a transcript of a hearing at your cost.


In order to file a pleading and receive court documents via email, register at https://myflcourtaccess.com
Self represented litigants can find help at https://www.jud11.flcourts.org/Family-Court-Self-Help-Program
COURTMAP  https://www.jud11.flcourts.org/Programs-and-Services/Online-Services/courtmap


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