Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Judicial Section Details

Alberto Milian

  • Division: Circuit Criminal
  • Section: F018
  • Court Location: Richard E. Gerstein Justice Bldg.
  • Address: 1351 N.W. 12th ST Miami, FL 33125
  • Phone: (305) 548-5403
  • Email: F018@jud11.flcourts.org
  • Room: REG 711
  • Judicial Assistant: Carballo, Adalberto

Judicial Assignment History

Circuit Judge: Circuit Criminal Division

                                                Division 18 Information and procedures

Until further notice, these are the procedures for Division 18 (Judge Alberto Milian)

1. Defendants will be excused from court appearances unless there is a change of plea, jury trial, or substantive hearing (motions to suppress or dismiss). Attorneys must represent to the judge that they are in contact with their clients.

2.  Corrections will be instructed when an in-custody inmate is actually needed in court. All death penalty defendants must appear in court for any hearing involving their cases.

3.  Attorneys are free to appear by telephone or Zoom, but they must notify the JA the day before the hearing or on the morning of the hearing.

4. For emergencies call the JA at (305) 548-5403 or after-hours call (786) 374-8484.

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