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Judicial Section Details

Christine Hernandez

  • Division: Circuit Criminal
  • Section: F009
  • Court Location: Richard E. Gerstein Justice Bldg.
  • Address: 1351 N.W. 12th ST Miami, FL 33125
  • Phone: (305) 548-5613
  • Email: F009@jud11.flcourts.org
  • Room: REG 223
  • Judicial Assistant: Duarte, Jacqueline


Daily In-Person / Zoom Hybrid Calendar

The Court holds a daily hybrid in-person / Zoom calendar at 9:00 a.m. Please contact JA Linda Kraft to schedule an in-person or Zoom hearing.  The Zoom ID for Division 09 is (without the x's) 9xx4xx3 9xx5xx4xx9 0xx6xx8xx1.

The Court generally calls cases in the following order:  arraignments, cases with out-of-division attorneys physically present in the courtroom, cases with out-of-division attorneys on Zoom, cases with in-custody defendants physically present in the courtroom, cases with members of the public physically present in the courtroom, cases with members of the public on Zoom, division cases.  Depending on what is scheduled on a given day, the Court may decide to defer taking pleas until after addressing all cases with out-of-division attorneys.

Zoom users will be unable to turn on their cameras or microphones while the Court is addressing other cases.  The Court will periodically authorize specific Zoom users to turn on their cameras or microphones when calling cases via Zoom. 

If you are an attorney appearing via Zoom for an arraignment, the Court will respect your written pleadings and will not look for you on Zoom before calling the case.  If you would like to address the Court about an arraignment case, the Court will address your case in the same order it addresses cases of other attorneys on Zoom appearing for non-arraignment cases. 

Defendants should speak with their attorneys about whether their appearance is required for a particular hearing.  With the exception of trial (at which defendants must be present unless the Court expressly excuses them) and hearings at which the Court orders defendants to be present, defendants are often not required to be present at pretrial hearings.   


Coordination of Special Set Hearings

To facilitate access to the Court, the Court freely schedules special set hearings with the caveat that if the Court is in trial, the trial will take priority, and the hearing will be rescheduled.  To avoid using bench time to coordinate calendars, all special set hearings must be coordinated through JA Linda Kraft.   


Courtesy Copies

The Court reads all motions and memoranda in advance and seeks to avoid using bench time reading materials it could have read in Chambers.   To that end, attorneys must email a courtesy copy of all motions and memoranda to JA Linda Kraft.  Electronically filing a motion does not result in the Court's automatically receiving a courtesy copy.  It must be separately emailed to Chambers.   

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