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Judicial Section Details

Jorge E. Cueto

  • Division: Circuit Probate
  • Section: PMH 01
  • Court Location: Dade County Courthouse
  • Address: 73 West Flagler ST Miami, FL 33130
  • Phone: (305) 349-7135
  • Room: DCC 374
  • Judicial Assistant: Garcia-Bermejo, Lisette


lgarcia-bermejo@jud11.flcourts.org ( JA email)

mehernandez@jud11.flcourts.org (bailiff email)


As of September 1, 2020, filings of petitions with proposed orders in CourtMap must include established checklist certification forms as supporting documents with your submissions.   A list of existing checklists can be found on our circuit website in the Probate Corner, along with the corresponding Administrative Memorandum.  See https://www.jud11.flcourts.org/Probate-Checklists. This procedure has been enacted to prevent frequently defective submissions and the resulting repeated rejections which cause unnecessary labor by the court.

The checklist certification forms must be filed through the e-filing portal and also uploaded as a supporting document to the petition through CourtMap. Failure to include the checklist certification form will result in summary rejection of your submission. 

Please be aware that the checklist contains a certification of compliance which must be signed by the lawyer.  If you cannot certify compliance with the requirements listed on the checklist, set the matter for a special set hearing. Call chambers if you have any questions related to this matter. Read the certification carefully.  You will be held accountable under the law if the court finds that your certification was inaccurate.


Please note that accounting fees will not be waived unless an affidavit of indigency has been filed with the Clerk of Courts.  The Clerk of Court will review the affidavit to determine if the petitioner qualifies.  The Clerk makes that determination.  If they find that petitioner does not qualify for indigent status, accounting fees must be paid.  Indicate in your petition whether the Clerk has made the finding.


If you are submitting an order on a Stipulation for Substitution of Counsel, you must submit the written consent of the client.  Additionally, the name and bar number of the substituted attorney must be included within the body of the proposed order.
On motions to withdraw as counsel, you must use our form order found on our web site.

Ex-Parte Motions to Compel must contain a certification of “good faith effort” required by Rule 1.380(a)(2).  Failure to confer prior to submitting a motion to compel may subject you to sanctions.

Colodny, Yvonne PMH 05 DCC 310305-349-7117
  • Proposed Orders
  • Notices for Trial
  • Special Sets
  • Emergency Petitions


Do not submit proposed orders related to a hearing prior to that hearing taking place. 

Most proposed orders with required supporting documents should be submitted under this tab.  The case manager will review your submission for accuracy and legal sufficiency, and either reject your submission if it fails review or forward it to the judge for signature.

If the matter has been heard by the court, include the words “post hearing” in the title of your proposed order.  That signals to the case manager that the court has considered and ruled upon any issues during the hearing.

Generally, agreed orders are those resulting from adverse parties coming to a concurrence about a particular issue. “Agreed” does not mean that all parties on one side of an issue have concurred.  An example would be when all beneficiaries agree to a particular matter.  Even when that occurs, your proposed order must be submitted under the proposed order tab for case manager review.  Only submit agreed orders meeting this definition under the Agreed Order tab.

Your petitions and supporting documents must be filed and appear on the docket prior to submitting any proposed orders.  You filing something with the clerk does not make the court aware of its existence.  You must either set the matter for hearing if need be, or submit your petitions, supporting documents and proposed orders via courtMap.


To check the status of a proposed or agreed order, please log on to courtMAP and access the workbench folder.  A list of all pending, approved and rejected submissions appear in the workbench folder. 

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