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Miami-Dade County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team

Miami-Dade County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team

Miami-Dade County’s Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team has become the repository in our community for the uniform and accurate identification and collection of domestic violence-related death information. In addition, we are State Certified as the local entity to conduct child death reviews. This undertaking is a means of recognizing that family violence, including child maltreatment, must be viewed holistically.

In April 2002, the Fatality Review Team was honored as the recipient of the 2002 Governor’s Peace at Home Award for its outstanding accomplishments and contributions in the area of research.


Approximately three to four women are murdered by an intimate partner each day in the United States. Intimate partner homicides account for approximately one-third of all murders of women. As a result, Miami-Dade County’s Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team was created in May of 1998, as one of four original sites selected to participate in an initiative of the former Governor’s Task Force on Domestic Violence to institute domestic violence fatality review teams in the State of Florida.

The Fatality Review Teams were created to bring together dedicated professionals from diverse agencies and backgrounds in an effort to review adult and child domestic violence-related fatalities with a view towards identifying how these tragedies might have been prevented. Through its Advisory Panel, Miami-Dade County’s Review Team develops community prevention and intervention strategies based on the knowledge gained from the review process. The Advisory Panel is an integral element of its structure, as it serves to empower the Review Team to offer community prevention and intervention strategies based on the knowledge gained from the review process, and as such, is instrumental to facilitating support and access to achieving these prevention strategies.


  • More than twice as many women are killed by their husbands or boyfriends than are murdered by strangers.
  • Firearms are frequent weapons leading to mortality rates of women killed by their spouses, boyfriends or others.
  • Having a gun in the home makes it three times more likely that you or someone you care about will be murdered by a family member or intimate partner.
  • The effects of firearm-related domestic violence last long beyond the actual crime. Research on child witnesses of marital violence indicates that children who observed incidents of domestic violence involving the use or threat of a firearm exhibited higher levels of behavior problems than children who did not.
  • Each year, an estimated 3.3 million children are exposed to violence by family members against their mothers or female caretakers.
  • In homes where partner abuse occurs, children are 1,500 times more likely to be abused.
  • 40-60% of men who abuse women also abuse children.
  • One study revealed that 27% of domestic homicide victims were children.
  • When children are killed during a domestic dispute, 90% are under age 10, and 56% are under age 2.
  • National research indicates that cities with procedures in place to study domestic violence-related deaths are successful in driving down their homicide rate. 
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