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Procedures for Withdrawal or Substitution of Counsel

Based on the significant number of motions to withdraw and file reassignments by Plaintiffs in recent months, the following outlines the procedures to be followed.
  1. The attorney of record on the case status remains the same until entry of a court order of withdrawal or substitution of counsel.

  2. All motions to withdraw must be properly filed and noticed; the court will not entertain ore tenus motions to withdraw.

  3. Compliance with the provisions of rule 2.505(c)(2) Fla. R. Jud. Admin. (2012) concerning withdrawal and substitution of counsel is mandatory. This requires the signature/consent of the client. The Order granting substitution of counsel should reference the docket code "OSOC", in the upper left corner and must include the Fla. Bar No. of the new counsel. Attorneys who substitute in are responsible for the action and should be prepared to proceed and become fully familiar with the file and docket.

  4. If an order of withdrawal or substitution of counsel, is entered after issuance of notice of hearing for summary judgment or notice of trial, counsel must promptly e-file a notice of appearance through the Court's ePortal and serve copies on all parties.