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How do I become a Certified Civil Process Server with the Court?

Qualifications - You must: Be at least 18 years of age. Have no mental or legal disability. Be a permanent resident of the state of Florida. Have no felony convictions. Have no misdemeanor convictions involving moral turpitude or dishonesty within the last 5 years. Pass a background investigation including a review of your criminal record, should one exist. Pass the Certified Civil Process Servers examination. Fee for the exam is $300. Take the Oath of Office administered by a sitting judge. Purchase and renew a $5,000 performance bond each year.


What laws govern Certified Civil Process Servers? 

Chapter 48, Florida Statutes, in particular Sections 48.25 - 48.31, the "Florida Certified Process Servers Act." See also, Administrative Order 16-11 A1; Florida Rules of Civil Procedure 1.070 and 1.080; and, Florida Small Claims Rule 7.070.


Process Servers Portal

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Process Servers Portal User Manual 

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CPS Information Manual 

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Response to Complaint Form 

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Administrative Order 16-11 A1: Certification and Regulation of Process Servers 

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Important Dates and Fees 

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