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Self Represented Litigant Resources

Serving Court Paper: General Information

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Find a Certified Process Server 

To find a Certified Process Server, click here.


How To File A Complaint Against A Process Server 

Get the Civil Process Server Complaint Form here.


Why Do Legal Papers Need To Be Officially Served? 

Official service of a summons and a copy of your complaint or petition is necessary to start a legal action by giving the other side formal notice there is a lawsuit filed against them. Otherwise, your case cannot proceed through the court system. After serving the other parties in your civil case, the process server files a return of service with the Court so that the judge will know this has been done according to the law. Civil process servers also serve subpoenas (orders to appear in court or produce documents) and other legal notices and may be called upon to testify in Court if there is a question about proper service.


How do I have legal papers served on a person or business outside of Miami-Dade County? 

You may contact the Sheriff's Office in the county and state where the person or the business can be served. The Clerk's Office in that county may also be able to assist you.

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