Friday, October 22, 2021

Parking Citations

Parking citations, often left on your car windshield are written to a vehicle found in violation of a County Ordinance or State Statute, and, by law, are the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle. For information on payment options, follow the instructions on the parking ticket, and please visit the Clerk of Court's Parking Violations Bureau.

If you are the registered owner of the vehicle, or a person named in an affidavit by the owner as having care, custody and control of the vehicle at the time of the violation, you may raise your defense before the court at a hearing on the violation.

Your request for a court hearing must be made in person within 30 days of the ticket issue date. You may complete a request form at the Parking Violations Bureau located in downtown Miami at Courthouse East, District Courts.

If a registration stop has been reported and you need a release, or if an impoundment and immobilization order has been issued against your vehicle and tag, you must secure the total amount due against your vehicle or tag for all other outstanding tickets by paying all of the penalties or by posting a cash bond only at Courthouse East.

An additional 40 percent of the penalties will be added for tickets already referred to a collection agency.

It is important to know that when you elect to appear for a hearing:

  • You will have waived your right to pay the civil penalty
  • The court may assess additional fines, not to exceed $100.00, plus court costs, (up to $253.00 for disabled parking violations)
  • Violators who fail to appear for court can be found guilty in their absence

If you receive three or more outstanding parking tickets for any violation or one outstanding citation involving a disabled parking space, the Department of Motor Vehicles will be notified to issue a deferral, or "stop," to the registration of any vehicle in your name. To release the registration stop, you must pay the total amount due. If you need your tag renewed, you must also pay an additional $7.00 for a Certificate of Release.

Payment can be made at the Parking Violations Bureau or one of our District Court Locations.

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