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Dependency Drug Court

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Dependency Drug Court

The Dependency Drug Court (DDC) is a voluntary program that addresses the underlying substance abuse problems that often coexist with parents involved in Dependency Court.  The goal of DDC is to help parents live a drug-free life and assume the full responsibilities of parenthood.    

DDC was established in 1999 in response to the needs of the community.  The Department of Children and Families identified that 80% of dependency cases involve alcohol and/or drug use by one or both of the children’s parents.  In addition, these cases tended to have delays in their completion with federal and statutory guidelines for expedient placement and reasonable efforts.  The Family Treatment Court Model became one approach to addressing these issues through its key components, which include:

  • Early identification of risk factors for negative outcomes.
  • Access to a continuum of alcohol/drug and related treatment and rehabilitation services.
  • Monitoring of abstinence by frequent alcohol and other drug testing.
  • A coordinated strategy to govern participant’s compliance.
  • Ongoing judicial interaction with each participant.
  • Monitoring and evaluation to measure the program outcome and effectiveness.
  • Continuing interdisciplinary education to promote effective planning, implantation and operations.
  • Forging partnerships among DDC’s public agencies and community-based organizations in order to generate local support and enhance DDC program effectiveness.
Parents with dependency cases and coexisting alcohol/drug problems who willingly commit to DDC are eligible to participate. Parents may be referred by Judges, attorneys, case managers or by the parent(s) themselves.

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Dependency Drug Court
155 N.W. 3rd Street
Miami, Florida 33128
Room 5335

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