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Frequently Asked Questions for Court Reporting Services

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QWhat is the function of court reporters?
Court reporters produce an accurate record of what was said during legal proceedings, which becomes the official record of these events under the law.
QWhat is a transcript?
A transcript is a typewritten record of any proceeding. Most court proceedings are never transcribed, although attorneys, parties in a case and judges may request transcripts when needed for research, trial preparation and review. When a case is appealed to a higher court, however, a transcript is automatically prepared for the appellate judges' review on matters of law.
QCan anyone obtain transcripts of court proceedings?
Yes. According to Florida's Sunshine Law, Chapter 286.011, Florida Statutes, transcripts of court proceedings are considered public record, with the exception of certain matters which are confidential by law.
QWhat types of court reporting methods does the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida use?

Stenographic: The method that one usually sees on TV, when a court reporter types on a special machine that produces a form of shorthand on a paper tape. The speed needed to take down every word is achieved when keys are pressed, either separately or at the same time, to designate words and phrases.

Digital electronic court reporting: The spoken word is recorded on a compact disc (CD) and a trained professional continuously listens to what is being recorded to ensure sound quality and voice clarity. The CD and detailed notes identifying who is speaking and other important information are used to produce a transcript, when requested.

Real-time court reporting
: An advanced method in which a court reporter "types" the record and almost simultaneously (in real time), it is displayed on one or more computer screens. In this circuit, real-time reporting is generally used when persons under the Americans with Disabilities Act are in need of such technology.

QWho are the Court's official court reporting firms?
The following court reporting firms are under contract with the Eleventh Judicial Circuit to provide services in the Circuit and County Criminal, Juvenile and Domestic Violence Divisions. (In civil cases involving lawsuits, probate/guardianship and family court matters, the parties involved are responsible for hiring private court reporters when necessary.)

Circuit and County Criminal Divisions:
Absolute Video (305) 379-4741
Downtown Reporting (954) 522-3376
Har-Mel Reporters (305) 541-6234
Laws Reporting (305) 358-2700
Perez and Ramos (305) 373-5600
Veritext (305) 377-1514
Verbatim Support Services (formely Apex Reporting, Goldman Naccarato and Official Reporting) (954) 467-8204

Juvenile and Domestic Violence Divisions:
Court proceedings: Absolute Video, Inc. (305) 379-4741
Depositions: Goldman, Naccarato, Patterson, Vela & Assoc., Inc. (305) 545-8434
QWhat laws govern court reporting?
Florida Statutes:
Section 25.383 (Standards for Court Reporters)  
Section 27.0061 (Transcripts in Criminal Cases)  
Section 90.108(2) (Transcripts as Prima Facie Evidence)  
Section 839.24 (Penalty for Failure to Perform)  
Section 905.26 and 905.27 (Governing Grand Jury Proceedings)

Florida Rules of Judicial Administration:
Rules 2.050(b)(6)&(g) (Requirements/Directives of the Chief Judge
Rule 2.070 (Court Reporting Standards and Requirements)  
Rule 2.075(e) (Retention of Court Records)    

Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure:
Rule 9.200 (Requirements for the Appellate Record)
QWho may I contact for further information?
Court Reporting Manager
Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building
1351 N.W. 12th Street, Room 7100
Miami, Florida 33125
(305) 548-5632

8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding court holidays.
QWhom do I call if I am a person with a disability who needs assistance to participate in a court proceeding, program or service?
If you are a person with a disability and need assistance to appear in court or participate in a court program or service, please contact:Please contact Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator, at: 
Voice Mail:  (305) 349-7175
TDD: (305) 349-7174
Fax No:. (305) 349-7355
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