Miesha Darrough

  • Division: County Civil
  • Section: ND 05
  • Court Location: North Dade Justice Center
  • Address: 15555 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33160
  • Phone: (305) 354-8772
  • Room: NDJC 209
  • Judicial Assistant: Jean-Pierre, Fredricka

County Judge: County Civil Division

       The Honorable Bertila Soto, Chief Judge of the Miami-Dade Courts, has issued Administrative Order (AO) 20-04, extending the postponement established in AO 20-03 of all non-emergency court proceedings, except emergency and mission-critical court matters, through Friday, April 17, 2020. However, nonemergency court proceedings will commence once a remote appearance technology platform is implemented, which will allow court proceedings to take place without in-person appearance. 

Also pursuant to AO 20-04, all time limits and deadlines set by judicial order and/or authorized by rule and statute applicable to: civil (including circuit and county), family, domestic violence, dependency, probate, small claims, traffic, bond forfeiture, and appellate proceedings are further suspended until the close of business day on Monday, April 20, 2020. 
For clarification, the suspension of time limits and deadlines began on the close of business day Friday, March 13, 2020 and is now extended through the close of business day Monday, April 20, 2020

Evictions: The police department has issued a notification to the public that they will suspend executing on any evictions at this time, i.e., final judgments and writs of possession.

Small Claims Pre-Trial Hearings: At the moment Pre-Trial hearings are all canceled. However, the courts are working on adding Small Claim Pre-Trial information to the Judge's web page. Once the document is upload,you may view it for further information.

Directions: Please click the drop down box to the upper right hand corner of the web page.Find the Pre-Trial tab and click it. There further information should be given regarding this matter.


Thank You and Stay Safe!!

Welcome to Court Map.

 Judge M. Darrough Courtroom # is 2-9                          

Tuesday and Thursday Morning's 5 minute motion calendar consist of the following cases,

Motions to Compel, Motions for Extension of Time, Motions to Quash, Motions to Reset Sale Date, Motions for Sanctions, Motions to Set Aside Default, Motions to Stay, Motions for Summary Judgment on Credit Card or Foreclosure Cases only, Motions to Strike, Motions to Transfer, and Motions to Withdraw.

Claims of Exemptions will be heard on 15 minute special set calendar.

Cases should be schedule through CourtMaps

    • Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing, Howard University, 2002
    •     Graduated Magna Cum Laude
    • JD, Howard University, 2005
    • Admitted to Florida Bar, 2005
    • Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, 2005-2014
    • U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Florida, 2014-2020
    • County Court Judge, 2020
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Motion Calendar

Type: Open

Notice Before Hearing: 5 Business Days

Files at Hearing: None

Tuesday9:30 AMNone2/03/20 
Thursday9:30 AMNone2/03/20 


5 Minute Motion Calendar and Special Sets (All Other Matters For Hearing)

Motions must be scheduled with Courtmap only.

If the parties cannot coordinate on the date and time of a hearing, then then both parties must be on the phone when calling the Judge’s Chambers. If the parties agree on a date and time then only one party needs to call to schedule the hearing.

The motion must take only 5 minutes of hearing time.  All motions must be uploaded to the eFiling System no later than (5) business days before the scheduled hearing. Only proposed orders and agreed orders are to be uploaded to eCourtesy. All orders must be in Microsoft Word format.

A party may request to set a matter unilaterally only if reasonable attempts to reach the opposing party have been unsuccessful and the opposing party has been given reasonable opportunity to respond. After receiving a date and time for a unilaterally set hearing, the notice must include the language that undersigned set this matter unilaterally after good faith efforts to reach the opposing party were unsuccessful.

If the opposing party is not represented and counsel lacks contact information for the unrepresented party, you may call the Judicial Assistant without having the opposing party on the line.  If counsel has a phone number or email for the opposing party, counsel must follow the procedure outlined above for unilaterally setting hearing after a reasonable attempt to communicate regarding the hearing.


Cancellations shall be faxed to chambers at (305) 354-8788 at least 1 day prior to the scheduled hearing. Counsel shall also call the JA at (305) 354-8772 to confirm the cancellation.

Counsel must call the chambers regarding all motions to continue trial or strike trial dates even if agreed. The judge will review the motion and the JA will notify counsel of the Court’s determination.


For any motion or hearing scheduled to be 15 minutes or less where you are not testifying:

Counsel (or a party, where unrepresented) may simply file a notice of telephonic appearance at least 2 business days in advance.  Also, please provide a number where you may be reached. (Look at Standing Order). YOU MUST REMAIN AVAILABLE AT THAT NUMBER FROM THE TIME THE HEARING IS NOTICED UNTIL THE TIME THE HEARING IS CALLED.

To check on the status of case, please log on to: http://www2.miami-dadeclerk.com/civil/Search.aspx

This Section is now using courtMAP and document submissions are no longer available via eCourtesy.

courtMAP is a new online Management and Access Platform built upon technology infrastructure from Broward’s Court Management System.

courtMAP combines eCourtesy with online scheduling, online notification/confirmation, and allows judges to create and e-File orders. courtMAP also allows parties to self-schedule their case events - motion calendar, special sets, and trials - and attach the documentation previously submitted via eCourtesy.

Visit courtMAP Now