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Juvenile Drug Court

Juvenile Drug Court

In response to the growing number of juvenile arrests and drug abuse, the Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) was established in January 2001. The JDC embraces an alternative therapeutic approach rather than a traditional and confrontational process.  JDC is a voluntary six- to twelve-month, court-supervised program for nonviolent juveniles charged with a crime between the ages of 13 to 17 who suffer from alcohol and/or drug use.  Referrals are made by Miami-Dade County Juvenile Services Department Juvenile Assessment Center, Public Defender’s Office, The Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel (RC3), State Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Probation, or court staff.

JDC is based on the 16 Strategies in Practice for Juvenile Drug Courts and the main components are:

  • Intensive court supervision
  • Targeted case management
  • Immediate access to treatment
  • Comprehensive system of rewards and sanctions
Juveniles are referred to the program through recommendations based on current charges, prior nonviolent/delinquent history and through background information.  The goal of the program is to reduce juvenile re-arrest rates by providing participants with the necessary recovery tools and community support.  Through the use of rewards and sanctions JDC encourages juveniles to progress and succeed.

Contact Information

Juvenile Drug Court
155 N.W. 3rd Street
Miami, Florida 33128
Room 5356

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