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Judicial Section Details

Ariana Fajardo Orshan

  • Division: Circuit Civil
  • Section: CA 32
  • Court Location: Dade County Courthouse
  • Address: 73 West Flagler ST Miami, FL 33130
  • Phone: (305) 349-7029
  • Room: DCC 416
  • Judicial Assistant: Gonzalez-Varona, Daniela


Inquiries may be directed to the Judicial Assistant at (Copy to all parties required) dgonzalez-varona@jud11.flcourts.org  Please read the following to the end before emailing the JA. 

1-Daubert Motions and Motions for Summary Judgment: MUST be scheduled for hearing at the time of the calendar call. The hearing must be scheduled prior to the first day of the trial period. Failure to timely schedule these motions shall result in the striking of the motions.

2- DISCOVERY RELATED MOTIONS: The parties are reminded that the rules require the parties to have a meaningful meet and confer prior to the hearing. If the parties do not meet and confer, the motion shall be rescheduled, and the parties shall be forced to attend in-person motion calendars. Additionally, the court may sanction attorneys, one or all, for failing to meet and confer.

3- Original Loan Documents: MUST be delivered to the Clerk’s office prior to hearing. The documents must be sent to room 133.

4-Motions to Continue TrialsIf there is an agreement between the parties, an agreed order may be uploaded on courtmap. If the Court signs the order., the parties MUST contact the Judicial Assistant via E-mail to obtain a new trial order. An order continuing a trial WILL NOT automatically generate a new trial date.

5-Motions for Reconsideration/Rehearing: are NOT to be set for hearing, these motions must be E-Filed and E-mailed to the Judicial Assistant for the Judge’s review.

6-Evidentiary Hearings: are NOT to be set on the motion calendar, they must be special set (Please see the courts instructions on Special Sets)

7- CONFLICTS IN SCHEDULING ORDERS: When the Court issues a CMO and then a trial order, the trial order deadlines shall control. Trial reset orders do not impact the original trial order deadlines. Any motions to extend deadlines must be agreed to or set on motion calendar. Agreed orders extending deadlines may be uploaded on Courtmap without a hearing.

8- Case Management Conferences/Status Conference: MUST be scheduled on the Court’s Motion Calendar. They will be heard at the end of the motion calendar.

9- Motions for Disqualification: Procedure for Service of Disqualification Motions. 

10- COMPETING ORDERS: Competing orders shall be submitted under the proposed order tab on Courtmap. The tile of the order must begin with ''PROPOSED order on ... " This title will prompt the Court to look for the competing order. Failure to properly label your order may result in multiple orders being entered and unnecessary delays in your case.

11. ARE YOU MISSING AN ORDER? If you have not received an order on a hearing within 30 days of submitting the ''Proposed Order'' Please E-mail the Judicial Assistant. 

Butchko, Beatrice CA 22 DCC 400305-349-7082
Eig, Spencer CA 11 DCC 414305-349-7131
Rodriguez, M Jose CA 15, CA 46, CA 42 DCC 405305-349-7109
Ruiz, Mavel CA 04 DCC 412305-349-7101
  • Motion Calendar
  • Foreclosure Calendar
  • Special Sets
  • Emergency Motions
  • Proposed Orders
  • Notices for Trial

* Updated June 2024 * 

Judicial Assistant: Daniela Gonzalez-Varona. dgonzalez-varona@jud11.flcourts.org 

Bailiff/Court Specialist: Yeshua Febles. yfebles@jud11.flcourts.org 

Motion Calendar is conducted via Zoom unless otherwise indicated. DAYS OF THE WEEK AND TIME VARY, PLEASE CHECK COURTMAP FOR AVAILABILITY. 

Hearings shall be “coordinated” with all counsel and unrepresented parties. “Coordinated” means that the moving party offers a date upon service of the motion and all others respond within one (1) business day with agreement to the offered date or an alternate date(s) that is/are within a week of the offered date and is on a date that the Court holds Motion Calendar. Failure to “coordinate” entitles the moving party to set the motion for hearing on the offered date. 

a. You may set more than one motion at a time, but your case will be heard at the end of the motion calendar.

b. Zoom meeting ID is created for every hearing. The meeting ID is sent out to all parties on the eservice list prior to the hearing date. It is the responsibility of the scheduling party to provide the Zoom information to anyone not on the service list.  

c. No hard copies or binders will be accepted in chambers.

d. Although the movant and the parties listed on the service list at the time the hearing is set will receive an Email from courtMAP indicating that an event has been created, a notice of hearing WILL NOT be generated. The movant MUST e-file the notice of hearing via the e-portal system.

e- Motions to Dismiss: When setting a Motion to Dismiss for hearing, you MUST upload the Motion and the Complaint as supporting documents to the Courtmap hearing date. Motions to dismiss MUST be set for hearing within 45 days of being filed. Failure to set the Motion to Dismiss for hearing shall be deemed waived and the motion will be stricken by the Court and a default will be entered. 

f. Motions for Reconsideration, Rehearing, New Trial, and other post-trial motions (excluding Entitlement to Fees and Costs: These motions will not be heard on motion calendar and should not be set for hearing unless instructed to do so by the Court. Email your motion to the Judicial Assistant. The Court will review the motion and instruct the parties on how to proceed.

Cancellations: The moving party may cancel a hearing on a motion calendar on CourtMap. In the case that the parties CANNOT cancel the hearing please E-mail the Judicial Assistant, NO HEARING WILL BE CANCELLED VIA PHONE. 

To Make Calendar: Select available date and time via courtMap. The filed motion(s) and all documents in support must be attached when the hearing is scheduled. Once a green "Success" message appears, the hearing has made calendar.  You must still prepare, file, and serve a Notice of Hearing. 

Responses: Unless otherwise instructed by the Court or as required by an applicable rule of Court, any opposition to a filed Motion shall be filed, served, uploaded to CourtMap and emailed to the Court (dgonzalez-varona@jud11.flcourts.org) no later than seven (7) business days prior to the date of the hearing, absent which the relief requested in the Motion may be granted without oral argument.

Making Calendar: In order to verify if your case made the Motion Calendar, please visit the Clerk of Courts website at:   https://www2.miami-dadeclerk.com/ocs/Search.aspx

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